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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Make 2007 a Podcrapular New Year!

You should definitely make it a resolution to listen to Podcrapular more often in 2007. The great thing about this resolution is that it is very easy to keep. Stream it, download it, listen at your leisure on your iPod, your computer, in your car - the list goes on and on. You can listen while working out, while driving, at work (with headphones ON is best at work), just about anywhere and any time is the right time to listen to Podcrapular.

Another resolution you can make & keep is to TELL PEOPLE about the podcast. Share this funny & intelligent program with your friends and maybe they'll do the same. Spreading the word about this show COULD lead to more people buying Golfwidow's fantastic book, "Getting My Think On". It could even bring about more work in larger markets for yours truly. Imagine that. You tell people about the show and maybe one day, someone who knows a little something about comedy can give old Andy a break. You'd be doing God's work, really (He ain't doing SQUAT these days Himself, so you have to do it instead.)

Perhaps the best reason to make Podcrapular a part of your New Year's plans is that NOW you can be a part of the show. Sure, you could always e-mail us at or play along at our MySpace page, but NOW you can actually call or fax the program and leave messages for us. If you call 206-350-3352 you can leave us messages, favorite jokes, and even fax us something dreadfully important. We can then take the file and share it with the world, allowing YOU another great chance to tell the world about Podcrapular (Example: "Hey [insert friend name], you should check out this hysterical program, Podcrapular. It rocks. THIS WEEK I'm even on the show telling my favorite dick joke. I'm so cool!"). The call is free so far as I know, as this is one of those free thingamabobs that people have created for blog fodder. If there is a charge at all it is minimal, especially if you only talk for a minute. Regardless, you can call us and have some fun along with us.

What's that? You're still too afraid to listen to the program? Why not take a listen to this 60-second promo? This should be more than enough to convince you to listen.


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