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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Fan Pic Bar has Been RAISED!

I've seen a helluvalotta traffic come through here in the last few days. It seems that freebie-seekers and bargain-hunters living in such online communities as,,,, and my personal favorite (cuz they're so nice there!),, among others have been here wondering just how they can get their hands on some of my world famous FREE STUFF!

Not surprisingly, there has been a lot of interest, but not a lot of takers on the offer, which is fine with me (I'm not made of penguins ya know.). See, when you come here for free stuff I ask for something in return. I ask for a fan pic and some pimpin' on my behalf. I even had to go back to that post and clarify further what consists of a fan pic and give a little more explanation of the rules.

Of course, most of the regulars here know that I'm pretty much an old softee on the rules and I usually send out SOMETHING to anyone willing to ask. I did send out a card and a Louie Louie CD to Naomi who posted a nice photo of a penguin along with some links. Not quite a fan pic, but she did tell the world I was kinda cute so...BOOM...Free Stuff!

However, the bar has indeed been raised, ladies & gents. A lovely lady known as Tigers Kitten (or is it "Tigerskitten"?), first contacted me by asking exactly what sort of "scantily clad" fan pics I was looking for, and included some photos. WOO-HOO! I replied that the scantily clad part is really just a bonus and all she really need to do was make a cool fan photo and post it on her blog. Imagine how happy I was when she informed me she was an artist and would do a special custom job just for me!

Here's the ink drawing, sans color.

Here's the finished product!
(I should really consider getting this tattooed on my back.)

Please feel free to head to her blog and tell her how much you enjoyed this special tribute to Andy Land. She's a very cool cat, er-Kitten indeed and she deserves to be in the hierarchy of Andy Land's coolest people. You should also check out her other website (currently going under some redesign) and check out her artwork. I'm sure she's a starving artist like myself and you may just find something appropriate for your wall.

Many thanks Tigers Kitten. Until someone de-thrones you, this will be the fan pic champion of Andy Land!


Blogger Andy Land said...

This post was supposed to go up much earlier, but apparently I was switching over to the new Blogger and the entire internet nearly exploded. Sorry for the late post.

8:25 AM

Anonymous Tigers~Kitten said...

If you ever get it tattooed on your back, I want a picture! ;D

9:28 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

You'll be the first!


9:39 AM

Blogger Bud said...

Very cute indeed, although, I thought we were gonna see some scantily clad photos!

10:54 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

They didn't have any penguins in them. heh.

2:19 PM


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