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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sit Down! Shut Up! The Killer Has Something to Say!

Oh yeah! Do you want to hear one of the best new CDs to hit the world in several years? Might I suggest you take a listen to the latest and greatest by the legend himself, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Goddamn that's one fantastic album cover!

"Last Man Standing", aside from being the single best title for an album I've heard in some time, is absolutely filled with some of the best rock & roll, blues, & country-influenced tunes you'll ever hear. Not a second of space is wasted and every song hits your ears, rapid-fire, one after another. Quite literally, "All Killer No Filler."

This is technically a duets album by Jerry Lee, but in reality, most all of the guest artists are there simply to record a track with the last of the great Sun Records pioneers of rock n' roll. That is to say, many of these songs are not your traditional "you sing a verse, I sing a verse" duets that so many artists have come to doing in their latter years. While you certainly do get songs that fit that description, most of these songs feature artists playing their style of music and adding harmonies and background vocals where needed. It is as if Jerry Lee Lewis called them all up to sing a duet o two and then told them the day of the recording, "That's OK, fellas. I got this one. Lemme show you how it's done."

Where there are vocals and traditional lyric-trading, the voices are matched extremely well. Where the artists are there simply to play their asses off, asses are most certainly played until they are gone. All tracks, many of which are traditional rock, blues, or country classics and covers, sound as though they were written by or for the great Jerry Lee Lewis.

Highlights on the CD for me include an amazing rendition of one of my all-time favorite blues songs, "Trouble in Mind", recorded with Eric Clapton. I'm also quite fond of the opening track with Jimmy Page, "Rock and Roll", as well as the great "Honky Tonk Woman" recorded with Kid Rock. Honestly, EVERY track is so good, it is impossible to pick a single favorite. Check out the list of artists on the CD and you'll see what I mean.

You can hear samples of the new CD at the official Jerry Lee Lewis website. Seriously, buy the damn CD. Don't give me any of crap about not liking rock music, thinking the blues are too depressing, or that country & spirituals are for redneck bastards. If you want to hear legitimately brilliant M-U-S-I-C played by one of the last surviving pioneering legends of rock n' roll and many of the world's most celebrated artists, this CD will blow you away.


Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Last Man Standing sounds like it should be a Johnny Cash song. Not that he is still standing, but it terms of the rebel thing...

Oh heck, never mind ;-)

3:42 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Yes, but this is much more appropriate for Jerry Lee. The entire Sun Records crew is all gone. Carl Perkins, Elvis, Sam Phillips, Roy Orbison, and of course, Johnny Cash - all gone.

One man left. Best album title ever!

9:16 PM


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