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Friday, July 07, 2006

Mojo, Mojo, Mojo. I Need Blogger Mojo.

Nothing all that mojoriffic, really. I mean, this is not an emergency or anything like that. I've got a mailer going out tomorrow, the first of what I hope will be a three-part marketing series designed to boost work for the fall, holiday, & early 2007 seasons.

See, we're in full-on summertime stuff. Most everyone is working very hard at festivals, picnics, and what-not. Normally, and this is some place where most performers will admit personal failure, I'm too busy to work on a big marketing push during this time. It happens to all of us. We all end up relying on the certainty of the upcoming busy season and marketing for the next season falls by the wayside.

Andy Martello Testimonial: 'No one should hesitate in hiring him!'
Well, the economy of the past few years has hindered the reliability of the busy seasons. Even though I am among the few acts that works when times are tough, it has really caught up to me. Between now and Labor Day there will be something of an influx of calls at the offices of agencies and meeting planners for the next "big season" for entertainment and I want to have more work than I can handle.

Poverty left over from a less than stellar fall through January from last year prevented me from being able to fully maximize my marketing opportunities to insure a REALLY busy summer. No complaints. I'm busy enough to make bills and cover some costs for other things the business needs. I just know that I could be busier this year and I'm hoping to avoid missing out on the bounty before year's end.

Andy Martello: If he were having a special event he'd want YOU there!
Since I have a few checks from some good summer gigs finally in the bank, I'm trying to take advantage by doing the necessary marketing. Mailer #1 is printed, stamped with postage, and ready to hit the mailbox. If all goes well, the majority of them will be hitting the target desks on Tuesday (the day that, statistically, the most productive work gets done in offices nationwide). Next round of cards is scheduled for around this time in August.


Blogger Gordon said...


How about including this as a testimonial:

"Not even I can improve on the immense talent of Andy Martello...and I'm omnipotent

Hey, thought it might work

1:44 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Sounds good to me.


3:15 PM

Blogger Jade said...

I like Gordon's thought there! Great stuff!

Who is it that decided that Tuesday is the most productive work day of the week? I'll have you know, that I don't have a 'most' productive work day..I'm lazy all week long!

4:25 PM

Blogger sue said...

Tuesday must be the most productive because the World of Warcraft server is down for maintenance on Tuesdays... just thinkin'...

Good luck with the marketing. I'd hire ya!

8:23 AM


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