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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Strange Days Indeed

I had every intention of having a new post for you yesterday. Technically, I'm writing this post on the 7th and could certainly put it out there for ya. But tomorrow is only about 40 minutes away and I'll surely have all this done by then so I may as well throw out some of the fooked up & fun details about the last couple of days.

Tuesday night I had a most excellent gig in downtown Chicago. I was juggling skulls, eating fire, and generally doing my best to bring in a crowd to one of Chicago's alternative-minded mainstays, The Alley. The Alley is celebrating it's 30th anniversary and is the parent company for the store my wife works for, Marche Noir. Well The Alley owns every store in the Alternative Shopping Complex of Chicago, in the Belmont & Clark area of town.

Aside from the fun I was having from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM, there was a most excellent Halloween art exhibit, and a "human sacrifice" scheduled for midnight. Big silly fun for everyone. That is, big silly fun until I went to go get my car.

Parking in this area is impossible. Ask Bud Buckley. He was in that neighborhood watching Blue Man Group when he & Cathy visited some time back. I chose the "safe" route and parked in a garage attached to a neighboring shopping complex. Now I knew that I was "at risk" by parking in a structure for a place I'd no intention of shopping at, but I expected my car would be there by gig's end and they'd be none the wiser.

As it happened I was absolutely correct. My car was able to park there for a long time without incident. In fact, it stayed there all night. See, there were no signs indicating that when the stores closed, the parking garage was also closed. Every entrance, every door, every crack & crevice of the place was sealed up tight and my car was not coming out until morning.

I got a little panicked at this point because the dreaded Lincoln Towing was their designated towing company and they are among the most expensive, dirty, & cheating motherfuckers in the business. Thankfully they were not towing any cars from that lot on this evening. I guess it was fortuitous that all the dam doors were locked.

I had to call April and get her to rescue me and bring me in. I live an hour away from the place and it was about 1:00 AM by the time she found me and 2:00 AM by the time we got home. No blog posting for me.

No, I had to do a little homework to see what train schedules were like so we could venture back the next day to retrieve my car without having to drive one car there and drive two home. April had the day off (thank goodness) and we set out on our adventure early this morning, not knowing for sure IF my car would even be there.

When it was all said and done my car was still in the same place. No tickets. No Denver Boots. No worries! I did a victory lap around my car.

After that we set out to enjoy our regularly scheduled day of fun together. When April has her one day off I try to stay free so we can be together. On this day we went to Arlington Park Race Track to enjoy the sport of kings in one of its palaces.

A little shopping afterwards, some dinner, a screening of "Star Wars: Episode III - Frankenstein Lives!" and I find myself at this juncture. No Wednesday blog post for you and nothing all that interesting on Thursday either. Just a lot of bullshit words being wasted when I just could have said, "I was fucking busy, alright!"

If you do some sort of YouTube searches over the next few days, I'm quite sure you'll find a few folks who took video of me eating fire and posted it for ya. Plus, if you're into HOT, Asian/Russian, vampiric glamour models, why not check out the websites of Sofiya Smirnova, a fellow performer I met last night. I know my male readers will be happy they did!


Blogger sue said...

With you the fun never ends, does it?

5:17 AM

Blogger golfwidow said...

Where's the fire eating?

5:48 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Hell if I know, GW. I know many folks took video and said they'd upload it. However, most of the customers of The Alley do a lot of drugs so they might have forgotten.

8:46 AM


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