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Monday, June 19, 2006


Here are some links to some of the referenced websites within "THE INTERVIEW, With Andy Martello" , found at MICHAEL MANNING'S blog. If you got through all that and wanted a little more, you can keep the fun a rolling by clicking any of these links.

My Main Website
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Plate Spinning Act (Web page), Video, Corporate Training Video
Juggling Bowling Balls (Web page), Video
Fire Eating (Web Page), Video
My Louie Louie Pages
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The Twin Peaks Game
"Good Show", article originally published at & later at Malicious Bitch

The Twin Peaks Game

Yeah, yeah, I know it is a long interview. I also know that most of you have way too much freakin' time on your hands. You're online now aren't ya? Can you honestly tell me that there's anything of value to do online (other than porn)? NO. You're wasting time. So waste more time and read the damn thing. It's at least as long as a Playboy interview and there's no naked hot chicks to distract you.

Oh, since Paul McCartney turned 64 yesterday and I had a rather obvious joke to use, but had this other stuff to promote, I'll share my joke today.

[Andy on phone]: Ah yes, Sir Paul? I've been listening to your collected solo projects, even though I vowed to stop after "Spies Like Us". Anyway, I have the dubious honor of being the one to tell you on your 64th birthday, no, we no longer need you and you're more than capable of feeding yourself.

Oh yeah. Crap that good was made for an open mic and a blog post!


Blogger golfwidow said...

This is sort of like the card I sent Roger Daltrey when he turned 50: "Remember how you said you hoped you'd die before you got old? Well, you didn't."

6:36 AM


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