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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm Giving Up Blogging & Tossing My Computer in the Shitter!

I go away for a couple of days and let my computer sleep. When I return and try to surf the web I am moving slower than a turtle at a snail impersonating contest.

I assume this all has to do with the storms we had a couple of days back. There were many cities with power outages and other lost services. Since I'm on dial-up, I trust that perhaps this has also been affected in some way.

All I know is that no matter what line I use or access number I dial, I can't get to most ANY of the websites I frequent, including this blog. I've wasted two days trying to remedy the situation AND create a lovely photo-filled post that would give you a taste of how well my birthday trip went. As it happens I cannot get any photos uploaded, no special post made, and no actual work done around here.

And don't try to give me any shit about upgrading to high-speed. I've got my reasons and a long fucking story to accompany it about why I'm still using dial-up. Besides, I went to the library to use their high-speed connection and I still can't get any photos uploaded. At least I know much sooner that my blog post will never get finished.

Fuck it all. Fuck this blog. Fuck computers and all the time-saving, life-enhancing bullshit they promised us. In case this is simply a problem I'm having with Blogger, fuck Blogger in it's Google-owned ass.

If you ever see a blog post from me again it will be some sort of fucking miracle. I can BARELY get to my fucking e-mail (not that anyone ever e-mails me) much less get out this blog drivel (not that too many actually read it anyway).

This computer shit is really ruining Birthday Week and I'm getting pretty fucking tired of it.


Anonymous Older, Wiser Brother said...

ATTU had trouble loading pix on Wednesday---Blogger was not working correctly....Sorry that you're continuing to have difficulty, my young Padawan.

4:05 PM

Blogger Spook said...

I've had many issues with blogger, though never for more than a day or two. I'd say just wait it out.

8:00 PM

Blogger Pammy said...

Oh gawd. I hear ya. But usually (for me, anyway), Blogger is the least of my problems.

8:19 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Yeah, well none of this explains why I can't surf the fucking internet at the reasonable pace I was a few days ago. Blogger may be having some issues right now and it is simply a coincidence that they fall suring the time I'm having speed troubles.

But really, I'm ready to throw the lot out and go back to the happy & care-free days before I had a computer. I need this shit to WORK!

And yes, Pam I have much bigger troubles than Blogger woes. Most of which I can never talk about here. I was actually kind of happy for a while there and the birthday week was going very well. I was hoping to enjoy the few little things that bring me some amount of joy for more than a few days. I forgot that that crap doesn't fly in Andy Land.


10:28 PM

Anonymous LisaBinDaCity said...

Sorry, that all sucks! Inevitably when I REALLY need my computer to work I have problems.

I hope it gets better Andy!

5:33 AM

Blogger Kelly said...

:) OK~~ I'll be the brave one.


Calm down sweetheart~~life is waaaaaaay to damn short. If blogging and computers are causing that must stress~~ throw it all out!!

but it'd be nice if you stuck around~~ you're kinda funny ;)

7:21 AM

Anonymous E.P. said...

A wise man once said "To err is human, but to really fuck things up, get a computer."

This computer stuff is not for wimps. I use a Mac, which is an easier route than Windows, but I still have my share of computer headaches. They never completely leave....

I gave up on Blogger ages ago- it's a buggy interface. I use WordPress on the LOUIE REPORT blog, which provides more control, but there is a sharper learning curve, including the install.

Ultimately, it would be a major loss if you walked away from computers, as we'd miss you in the blogosphere, and you would be missing some really good stuff. Best to just take a vacation, and come back after you've had a chance to do something else for a little while.

My personal recommendation? Get a MacBook with the friendlier operating system, find some cafes that have the free WiFi broadband access, and take life easier. Life is all temporary, so enjoy it while you can!

Hang in there....


12:46 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Nah, I'd stack my over-priced Vaio up against any over-priced Mac any day of the week. This is more of a dial-up issue than a computer issue. I just tend to take it out on the computers since they are evil.

I'd give them up completely, but then how would I get so much pron into my life.

I'm not convinced things are better just yet. However, after disconnecting EVERYTHING, taking the cover off and cleaning out way too much fucking dist from the inside of the machine, thins seems to be clicking along reasonably well. We'll see.

And I won't be getting rid of Blogger any time soo either. It is all worth it to have my stuff appear in the search engines almost immediately. Since this is mostly to help maintain my big web presence and drive people to my main site, no ned to Word Press or any other blog service.

Kelly, bcause you're such a sweetie, and possibly my latest blog crush, I'll stick atound a few more days.

Thanks everyone for trying to make me feel better. I should be glad that it was just internet stuff that wasn't working. All mu actual work-type computer functions are A-OK and that would truly be the tragedy.

I just prefer wasting time online and providing wonderfully useless content for my faithful readers.

Here's hoping everything is back on track.

7:08 PM


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