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Friday, June 02, 2006

Better Surfing. Still No Photos.

I seem to be surfing better. I am hopeful that taking the computer apart and quite actually blowing the dust out of its ass did the trick. Somehow I still can't get photos up.

Well, I can't get the photos I want up. Therefore I am still cranky and will probably be cranky until I get THE post I wanted to make a couple of fucking days ago up and running.

Odd that I can upload some photos and not others.

See this photo of Tom Jones with a cigar? I had absolutely NO intention of posting this. I used it as a tester and it posted without any problem at all.

See this photo of a Little Blue Penguin? No? That's because I can't upload the fucking photo! I'm several photos away from a kick-ass Ten Things post designed to share with you all the FUCKING BLISS I FELT ON MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY and I can't get the fucking photos up, and the headache caused by this internet skullfuckery has all but ruined my good mood and high hopes for a great 36th year of life. I'm more depressed, more bitter, and more angrily suicidal than ever!

But still...Tom Jones smoking a cigar! Pretty cool, right?


Blogger Gordon said...

As much as a blue penguin is cool, Tom Jones is...even cooler.

Cooler than Shatner, even.

4:21 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Ahh, but a CD of Shatner AND Tom Jones...THAT would be the coolest!

12:00 PM


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