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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Andy Martello at Pasquali's Ah yes!

My name in lights!

Not exactly what I had in mind, but I'll take what I can get.

Pictured here is the sign for the infamous Pasquali's in Negaunee, MI. I wasn't lying. It is a sign for an Italian eatery, featuring a Scottish highland dancer on top. Strange days indeed.

My brother was telling me that the place used to be a topless bar. This wasn't a strip club, mind you. Just a topless bar.

I, of course made a joke about it being, "a strip club...OF THE DAMNED!"

The only report I have to share about the topless bar days is that it was the only place with topless women in it where my brother actually felt like asking the woman to put her clothes back on. Can't imagine what that would be like? Well in his own words, "Picture a sweat sock filled with a bar of soap."

The place also used to be something of a disco club back in the day. The "stage" where I performed was the old light-up dance floor, complete with disco ball and more lights than anyone would ever need. I reckon that a whole lot of cocaine and dead hookers went through the place over the years.

The show itself went very well. I am hopeful that they'll ask to have me back. It does provide an excellent excuse for me to visit the family in the U.P.. It also was just odd enough a place that I'd feel somehow slighted if I only played there once. LOL!

Check out that sign again. They at least advertised the comedy, which is considerably more than most comedy venues I've worked locally. They had a good-sized crowd as well. Another difference in comparison to the shows I've done here. One thing I can't quite figure out though...

Is the comedy a bigger draw than the high school dance? I hope they at least advertise the comedy on the side facing the busier side of the street.


Blogger Amanda said...

You will blow them away I'm sure! That is cool!

8:18 AM


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