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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Look At All The Linky Love

It's time once again to do some blog-whoring on behalf of all the folks who have been blog-whoring on my behalf. There seems to be a lot of linky love going around so let's get to it.

Both Golfwidow and Bud Buckley thought it worth mentioning me and my gifts of 7 inch penguins and DVDs. I wanted to send out some thank you gifts to everyone who was kind enough to be my guest bloggers during my trip to Las Vegas last month.

I found these most excellent little stuffed penguins at a local flower shop recently and since they were in the right price range I've decided they'll be my new Andy penguin gift for things like client gifts and for anyone willing to post a fan pic on their blog. They're adorable and you know you want one!

Armadillo not included
The great and powerful MICHAEL MANNING, television personality, writer, and all around nice guy has recently linked to my main website, and I think my blog as well. He's a very talented guy and since he's light years more successful than myself I have no choice but to bow to his greater powers and direct you to his blog & his main site. Seriously, read some of his work. He's pretty freakin' cool. He obviously has great taste.

E-Pauly continues to bring his insights into the ways of the world as seen through a club-going, woman-loving, Canadian. As it happens he also reprints my Ten Things Tuesday list most every week. Plus there's ALWAYS many a fine photo of many a fine looking lady at his site. If for no other reason you should head over there.

I believe on more than one recent occasion, Gordon has been kind enough to plug this site and since I cannot get into his comments section there I happily thank him here. Please go read his site and tell him I sent ya.

While I have no official linky love to report, I'm confident I can convince the wonderfully psychotic Webmiztris to add me to the blogroll at Tiny Voices In My Head. She's got a lovely looking blog and it seems to be filled with good stuff from all of the voices floating around in that skull. So why not maximize your reading dollar by reading the rantings of many voices from one head? Besides, she's cute and lord knows I'm all about having cute chicks around the old blog.


Blogger Bud said...

I'm in good company with this post to be sure, but you have your friggin name in lights!

9:47 AM

Blogger Jade said...

Oh, yes, the Master penguin! Love it! He's a much better cuddler than the puppy is, for sure! Thanks, you rock.

9:33 AM


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