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Saturday, May 27, 2006

I've Been Thinkin' About Some Linkin'

Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy reading Gordon's blog? Yes, of course I have! If you haven't checked it out do so some time soon.

He writes a lot of things that are a bit "specific", as in reviews of new Doctor Who episodes, comics, and the X-Men movie, but he does them so very well it doesn't matter if you're not in the genre club. He's also a funny lad with a lot of good takes on the world that are worth reading. Of course, he is always kind enough to toss me a few plugs from time to time and in this instance he made sure to mention my upcoming birthday. If for no other reason he deserves a click from you.

I'd tell him all of this myself, but as you know I cannot comment on some blogs that use the Javascript pop-up Haloscan window. So I happily plug his blog here, offer thanks, and ask Gordon a question that is on my mind every time an X-Men film comes out...Did they give Xavier the floating wheelchair THIS time?

Get the bear facts at E-Pauly.comE-Pauly is also one of my favorite sites. Sure it is a bit MAN-CENTRIC, but he is a lot like myself in that he tries to explain to the women why we men are the way we are in order to help them out.

See, we'll never really change. We will adapt to get laid, but once the lady is gone we're back to our old, happy & disgusting selves. Paul does a great deal to make the things we do make sense to the ones who try to make sense of it all, but really just complicate things even more.

He also is always ready to reprint some of my humor columns as well as repost my current Ten Things Tuesday list. Do give him a try and don't let all the photos of hot Canadian bartendresses fool you. Those are all taken for scientific study and not for sexual gratification.

Lastly, I must give some big thanks to Eric of and the Louie Louie Blog. Not only is he a big friend of Andy Land and of my work, but he is a good friend that I hope to actually meet in person one day soon.

He's been working on a Louie Louie documentary for some time now and it will be the definitive rock n' roll documentary, if not the go-to work if you want all of the CORRECT information about the history of Louie Louie.

Over the years we've kept contact with one another about our silly habits and have shared a few Louie stories and versions along the way. He has been kind enough to send me MANY versions of the song from out of the blue and I'm always appreciative of the gifts.

Today, I received a Louie Louie birthday present. To protect the innocent I'll just say that the mp3 player in my car will be buzzing wildly with the same damn three chords al the way to Cincinnati & back when I go on my little birthday trip tomorrow night.

Looks like I need to come up with some suitably annoying thank you gift for the guy. I wonder if he likes penguins.

LouieLouie.Net - You Know You Want It!
Thanks again Eric! You ROCK!


Blogger Gordon said...


Nope, no floating wheelchair...however, the wardrobe of Famke Jansenn more than makes up for it.


4:15 PM

Blogger Bud said...

I'm not forgetting your birthday but I'm on the road that day so you may get well wishes early or late. Okay, I'll check these dudes out.

6:32 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Three freakin' movies and NO FLOATING WHEELCHAIR? Was there NO money for special effects? And why is it that comic book geeks, being so in to the "stuff" and all, have not shown ANY outrage at the total lack of floating wheelchair action> Man alive!

So was Kelsey Grammer cool at least?

Bud, your well wishes are all good and certainly appreciated. Hope you're having a good trip.

10:35 PM


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