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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Miss Reliable Cell Service

I guess when you live in an area with trivial things like people, businesses, buildings, and the like you are a bit spoiled with regard to being able to use your cell phone and make a call.

That doesn't happen all too easily in Southern Illinois. Even in larger towns like Mt. Vernon, it is really a crap shoot.

Of course other things bug me about cell phones that have nothing to do with my immediate location.

My cell phone is not my home phone. Everyone I give the number to, especially agents, know that the BEST way to guarantee I'll get your message is to leave a message on my home phone FIRST. Always try the home number FIRST. Only call my cell phone is if you A) Have tried my home phone AND left a message there B) You NEED to know the answer to something immediately (checking availability, etc.) C) This is an EMERGENCY and you couldn't reach me at home (but left a message anyway.

I insist on leaving the message at home because I ALWAYS pay my home phone bill. A cell phone bill (while always paid by me) is usually one of the things people dump when money is tight. I'll ALWAYS have a home phone and I'll ALWAYS check the messages frequently & return calls. Moreover, we've already established that cell service, especially when traveling abroad, is not reliable. I've lost more messages, dropped more calls, and ruined any chances at sensible conversations trying to use my cell phone than I ever did with a land line. If it is important, you'll leave the message at home FIRST!

Naturally, everyone assumes my cell phone is the best way to reach me.

I don't even turn the damn thing on if I'm home. I leave the house...I turn on the phone. You leave a message SOLELY on my cell phone I may not get it for DAYS!

Do you get it? I can turn off my cell phone and ignore it without any concern for who may be trying to call. I can also LOSE my cell phone. My home phone is ALWAYS at home. I've tried to take it with me, but as soon as I hit the parking lot the service becomes shitty.

I spent money to put my home phone number on my business cards, my website, and many of my promotional items. WHY on Earth would you ASSUME that I was giving you a number I didn't want you to call? Makes no sense.

Got the message?


Anonymous BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah said...

Standing ovation! Bravo!

PS And belated birthday wishes to April! :)

2:05 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...


I'm glad I hit a good chord there. I could go on but I'll leave with the standing O.

2:45 PM

Blogger sue said...

Um..yeah... so let me get this want me to call your home number?

5:58 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

Ok..Call home. Got it! Sure April won't mind? :P LOL

7:43 AM


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