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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Will Work for FOOD! I also Accept CASH!

Andy Martello for HIRE!OK, this is pretty serious. My St. Pat's gig fell through and never got replaced. Several potential gigs for the next couple of weeks never panned out and I'm not actually making a single penny until the 30th of March. That's FAR TOO MUCH TIME OFF and I've got FAR TOO MANY BILLS TO PAY, not to mention that our vacation (while already paid for) will be extremely difficult to enjoy if I have no spending cash to bring along. I mean, I HAD cash, but I had to break into the stash to pay for the last, and all too recent terrifying dry spell.

Somebody...Anybody...I'll work damn near ANYWHERE I can feasibly get to for damn near ANY reasonable price. I need to keep the cash flowing if I expect to live into next month, which, oddly enough is pretty full with gigs. Very odd as April is traditionally a very slow month in general.

I'm serious. Any gig. Birthday parties, in-office prank visits, singing telegrams, EVEN BALLOON ANIMAL GIGS - whatever. I'll do freakin' windows and dishes if you have a need and don't want to do them yourself. I will work ANYWHERE for ANY reasonable amount to keep myself alive, get the first of the month bills paid, and survive into the month of April.

If you feel like doing some shilling on my behalf, that is certainly appreciated as well. Spread the word. Direct them to my website. Do whatever it takes to generate some action in this rather dead time. Last year was filled with last-minute bookings and sadly I find myself looking forward to them now.

Will work for cash.Man this economy is killing guys like me. I'm actually going through my CD collection tonight and selling them for anything I can get. Heading to the temp agency as well. All this in time for my tax appointment. Good lord this sucks!

I really have to get out of this business before it kills me. Get out while I'm still young enough and "viable" in the work place. This is just too damn much to take. I've been doing this for 21 damn years! I shouldn't have these problems anymore!

THIS is what you get for following your dreams. Don't be like me. STAY IN A LOUSY, BUT STEADY, DEAD-END JOB FOREVER! At least you have health insurance, weekends off, and no worries like this crap!

OK, I'm being a bit overly dramatic. I'm allowed to panic a little. Usually I only panic "a little" during ths time of year. this time I'm justified in pacicking "a lot". I even rescheduled my tax appointment so I may be able to give my accountant a few bucks. I still owe him cash for last year and I was too embarrassed to go in empty-handed.

Ah well, today is kind of the anniversary of the day April and I first "hooked up". PLUS, the NEW Doctor Who is airing on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight at 8 PM. So how can things really be that bad?


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