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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Video Storage Help, Please!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled hilarity to bring you a desperate plea.

As you know I'm fairly savvy with the techno stuff. Well, I'm as savvy as I am completely moronic but that's beside the point.

Anyway, can anyone recommend a cheap (like FREE is preferable), reliable website or place that can store & host video files? I'm upgrading all the videos on my main site and even though their service is rock solid and extremely reliable...I'm close to poverty right now. Sure I could wait until I have the cash for the updates, but among the reasons I'm not working so much is that my website videos have been in dire need of upgrades for a LONG time and they do not do as good a job of selling my act as the rest of the site. So...

I've got many a file prepared in .wmv format for maximum usability among the web and I'm doing all I can to make sure they are as small as I can make them without completely ruining the video quality. I just need some ideas where to put them. Once stored I'll add the link within my main site and life will work swimmingly again.

Let's review.

  • Video storage so I can stream my newer videos - The larger the better for me.
  • Reliable - I get a lot of traffic to my main site. I doubt I'll ever have enough to overload any server as I'm not uploading porn...Unless you consider plate spinning as porn.
  • Cheap or Free

I'm trying to see how much storage and usage I can get from the MySpace account I have but never use. I can't find a damn thing there, which is probably why I never use it. However, if they can store a lot of media and all I need is a link, then happiness will ensue.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, my web folks are ALWAYS willing to find me the cheapest way to fix these problems and their costs for hosting on their services is very reasonable. It is just more than I can afford right now and they don't mind me doing whatever I can to keep my monthly costs down.

We now return you to the genius that is...Ten Things Tuesday!


Blogger curmudgeon said...

Not sure what their limitations are, but here's a free one I've been using:

4:47 PM

Blogger Bud said...

I've used Not sure of the limitations

12:14 PM


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