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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

There's Been a Curmudgeon About!

New Andy Martello Promo DVD!And that curmudgeon has a blog! Check out the new link parter, Curmudgeonisms, and have yourself a good read.

I'd also like to thank Gordon for blogging about me often and E-Pauly for giving my Ten Things Tuesday lists an extra boost. It is appreciated, gentlemen.

While I am not quite done with my website video project, I AM done with my latest promo DVD project (for now). There are a few video captures I need to redo, but after DAYS of this shit, I'm DONE!

I still need to make a new 3-5 minute promo video, but for now the multiscreen, way cool looking DVD I made will suffice. It won't get this Vegas agent to stop telling me how amazing it is I get ANY work, but it will get me more work SOMEWHERE!

Andy Martello Promo DVD Back CoverI COULD be convinced to make a few copies for "fans" if they want to add to their ever-growing Andy memorabilia collection. Just let me know. Some of you already got some "lesser DVDs" from me and I apologize. LOL!

Thanks for the tips on some free sites. I may go for a cheap pay site, $15.00 a month fits into my budget and looks to be the most reliable. It came highly recommended from a web designer friend. But I'm way open to other good free places so keep those cards and letters rolling in!


Blogger curmudgeon said...

Hey there!

Thanks for the plug. :)
I hope it's somewhat entertaining.

7:34 AM

Anonymous Last Girl On Earth said...

Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy! The life of an artist is never easy, is it? Good luck with the video.

8:45 AM

Anonymous Kel said...

of all the fonts in the world you could use WHY on this earth would you use COMIC SANS...please, please, please .....stop. You need more fonts, Andy? I'll give you some fonts. I have some for you. I have fonts for you. As many as you want. For the love of anything you hold dear to your more comic sans.

okay - I'm good now.

It's good and you don't suck.

9:39 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Deni, I've been keeping myself busy because nobody else will. I swear, I'd give just about anything for the war to stop, the regime here to change, the economy to get healthy again, and ME being busy once again. I tried on a hairnet & name tag the other day just to see if it still fits. UGH!

Curmudgeon, no problem. Thanks for the link.

Kel, I know you're supposed to be a trained graphics person so I'll just assume you're drunk when you notice the rather small amount of Comic Sans, but clearly miss the GIANT RED LETTERS, all in Impact.

There's also Arial on the back cover. Got any bizarre unresolved issues with Arial I should be aware of?

I used to have Comic Sans on more things and have been slowly phasing out. I theme all the stuff to "match" all of my promo pieces (website, brochures, etc.) andin the transitions, once often used fonts slowly go away and new ones take their places. Like a timeline of my meteoric rise to mediocrity.

10:34 AM


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