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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thanks for the Boost

I have to thank Sue from The Torn Pages for shilling on my behalf. OK, I'm really thanking her for saying I'm cute many times in her post, but I also appreciate the effort to get me work and the extra traffic I get here.

Eric over at was kind enough to mention me and Golfwidow in a recent post and I am always happy to have my virtual ears buzzing because of a link or two.

E-Pauly is always entertaining. But let's face it. He's even MORE entertaining when some of my stuff gets republished. ;)


Blogger sue said...

But did it generate WORK? :)

6:07 AM

Blogger Bud said...

Yeah, I saw that on Sue's blog. That was nice!

9:03 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Well Sue, I can't say for sure if it helped or not. I like to think every litle bit of advertising helps, but unless someone actually tells me they found me or my site specifically from your link I just don't know how effective it is.

I do know that I am very appreciative no matter what happens. :)

9:35 AM


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