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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Last Month's "Folly" in this Month's River Walk Journal

Read me!Someday I'll get paid often and well to be a writer However, from what I've heard the paycheck rarely can compare to the satisfaction one receives from being included in a well-respected publication. That's the kind of feeling I get whenever one of my works is included in the River Walk Journal.

The brainchild of Liz Ross, RWJ is one of the few great places for talented writers to really ply their wares and strut their stuff. The creativity and diversity found within its pages in not seen at too many places. I can't figure out why they keep choosing to "slum it" and publish my work.

With Valentine's Day now a scant memory (and Steak & BJ Day rapidly approaching) they have graciously reprinted my column, "The Folly of Valentine's Day". If you have not read it here or elsewhere, then please enjoy.

I can even boast some noteworthy things said about my work. Check out what Joseph Koch, editor of this month's issue, was kind enough to say.

"Since this issue is appearing just after February, and since Andy Martello is always worth a read and a chuckle, we decided to run “The Folly of Valentine’s Day”. Andy’s customary warm wit spotlights the flaws in the arguments that the gift industry uses to make what is meant to be (on the surface) a “warm fuzzy” day and turn it into a nerve-jangling nightmare. Then Andy shows us that thankfully things don’t have to be that way."

Needless to say, I'm happy to be seen and read at this fine publication. Even if you have read my crap a million times, I hope you will check it out and read some of the many other great writers found there.


Blogger Jade said...

Congrats! That is really cool, and a really great article, I must say!

5:01 AM

Blogger sue said...

I've read it before, I read it again. I love it. I think you have this talent that you hide underneath the cover of the "juggling guy"... glad you feel compelled to share with us once in awhile. Also nice to see others find it, too.

7:57 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Well Sue, I did start this blog to promote my fledgling writing career, which is still quite eager to "get started".

I also use it to vent, promote my entertainment, and attract fans (chicks willing to send me pics of themselves nekkid!)

Since the last of those never really happens I promote my writing and performing and add in my own snarky goodness in between.

8:22 AM


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