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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Welcome Bob & Tom Fans, if not Bob & Tom Themselves

Thanks to Lord Gotwa for alerting me to this tidbit. By the way, Mr. Gotwa, Best-Blog Name-EVER!

The Bob & Tom Show
Nationally syndicated radio program, The Bob & Tom Show, was kind enough to mention my name and plug my website today. Apparently they were talking about hiring a plate spinner for their holiday party and I was the obvious choice for such a thing.

I've no real illusions of actually working their holiday event as I'm sure it was just a joke, but you never know. I'm just happy for the extra traffic to my main website and this blog.

Naturally I missed the whole thing. They play locally on a Joliet station and a Rockford station, but I rarely can get either of those stations in clearly. However, if Bob and/or Tom would like to drop me a line and chat about plate spinning or anything else, I'll be sure to find my way to a working radio. ;)

If any of my loyal readers and supporters would like to "encourage" the Bob & Tom Show to take a better look at my work, you can certainly e-mail them at

Hey!  Let's hire Andy Martello.  SHHH!  He doesn't know yet!Feel free to mention some of my comedy writing, my "Suicide Hotline" sketch (the #3 most requested track of 2001 on the Dr. Demento Show), my "Juggling Tribute to Reservoir Dogs", the twisted humor you find here as opposed to my main website, whatever. Lord knows I could use the work, if not the publicity and easy access to babes in bikinis.

Let's see...The Bozo Show, Wild Chicago, Last Comic Standing, Dr. Demento, Steve Dahl, WGN Morning News, Bob & Tom...About 7 minutes of fame to go.


Blogger smocket said...

that is pretty cool!

9:55 AM

Blogger Livey said...

Congrats hun! Do they still do the the Bozo show?

6:28 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Oh, Livey, they stopped doing The Bozo Show here in Chicago a few years back. These days people get nostalgic about it when I mention having ever appeared on the show whereas, when it was on, most folks just went, "Oh...that's nice."

Maybe I could get a few minutes of "ACTUAL" fame one of these days.

Howdy, Smocket. Thanks for stopping by.

7:18 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

Very cool! I have a couple of coworkers that listen to the show. I unfortunately can't get it at my desk..bugger. You da man!!

6:45 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

If I had high-speed I'd download the archives of yesterday's show to hear the mention. Should be in the last hour of the program.

If anyone wants to check it out on my behalf and maybe send me an mp3 or something...Click Here!

9:47 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

BTW, Amanda, you should be able to stream their show live while you're at work. Of course, if there's a restriction on stuff like that, you're screwed.

9:52 AM


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