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Saturday, April 16, 2005

We WERE Thinking of Staying at the Algiers

Photo By: Andy Martello Something inside us said that the San Remo was the better choice!

Last October we landed in Las Vegas and stayed on the north end at the Sahara. On one of our walks down the strip we noticed that the Algiers, a long-standing crap-hole motel in Vegas since 1953, was closed.

We assumed it would be demolished and something better would take its place. We made our way down the strip for a day of fun & frolic in Las Vegas.

That same evening, some 8 hours later, on our return back to the Sahara, the hotel was rubble! Complete rubble. Shards of wood, busted pipes, and broken windows were all we saw.

The next day, as we walked down the strip, the lot was completely empty. The entire motel, every thing was GONE! All that remained was the sign.

Mysteriously, six months later, the lot is just as empty but the sign still remains. The glass has been removed from the Algiers sign, but otherwise, it is still there. All that effort to remove the motel in a very timely manner and yet no effort at all to remove the sign. Very strange!


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