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Saturday, April 09, 2005

See Why I Like Fan Mail?

Since I'm going to Las Vegas tomorrow night I thought I'd share with you a favorite photo I took from a Vegas trip about a year & a half back.

Just before this trip Roy Horn had just been mauled by his tiger. I mean within a week or two prior to our arrival it all happened! The town was turned on it's end from the news, as you may imagine.

On one of our little excursions, April, her mother, and I all decided to do a little bit of local Las Vegas sight-seeing. Our destination? The Las Vegas Zoo!

April and I have every intention of living in Las Vegas sometime in the near future and so we try and get a bit more of the local flavor every time we're out there. The zoo, while charming, is nothing like most zoos in major metropolitan areas. In fact, it seems such an unlikely attraction that when we told our cab driver & bellman we wanted to go to the zoo, they both had to stop and remember if there even WAS a zoo in Las Vegas. The cab driver had an excuse though. He was stoned out of his mind at the time!

That stoned cabbie, a guy who would later in the day stop the cab & get out of the car without remembering to take the car out of gear, did have some excellent info to share with us along the way. Just a few short blocks from the zoo was the home of Siegfried & Roy. Being the fools for fun that were, we took a little walk to see the home of Masters of the Impossible, Siegfried & Roy.

A quick note about the zoo: WE LOVED IT! It was adorable and full of heart and soul. Days earlier a baby wallaby was born and before we'd even gotten the chance to pay our admission we were greeted by a zookeeper with the baby in a pouch around her waist. Yes, within minutes of our arrival we were petting a baby wallaby and falling in love with the quiet little Las Vegas Zoo!

Heading out to the magicians home was indeed fun. We were strolling through residential Las Vegas wondering which house it was. When I noticed down the block a large white home covered in balloons and mylar I figured this had to be the place.

Sure enough the location of the master illusionists was revealed to us. Giant gold S & Rs were everywhere. Also were many well-wishers and "pilgrims" to the home, fans of the duo wanting to wish Roy a speedy recovery. A shrine of get well cards , balloons, and the like was lining the outer walls of the compound.

Among the letters was an array of hand-written notes from local grade school children. The one I had to take a photo of is represented here. I love the many youthful misspellings & the numerous signs of erasing and self-correcting on behalf of Hannah Ward, the author of the letter. When you look at this little note, can you blame a guy like me for wanting some FREAKIN' FAN PICS EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE? LOL!

Actually, I get some very nice e-mails, cards, and letters from folks who have seen my show and I enjoy receiving the comments very much. I'll post a few of them some time soon. Until then, enjoy Hannah's get well wishes for Roy Horn.

I want my tigr lik'd!
"Dear Mr. Roy,
I Rele hop you r gog to git Betr.
I Rele lik yor tigrs.
I lik yor Magik thrix to. and I
wish you can git Betr fastr.
By Hannah Ward"

My spell checker will never forgive me for this one! LOL!


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