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Saturday, April 16, 2005

OK, Here Are Some Vegas Stories

Photo By: Andy Martello We never give much thought about where we're planning on staying when we're in Las Vegas. We look for the absolute best prices and figure that we won't be spending that much time in the hotel anyways. I know people that have gone to Vegas, spent a fortune on some fabulous room and never even saw the darn place except to sleep. Of course I also know folks who go to Vegas specifically to stay in their room and smoke pot all week. I guess most people don't understand the vacation in Vegas concept.

This time around the least expensive hotel came in the form of the Hotel San Remo. I was actually very excited to be staying there because it is one of the older hotels and it is soon to be retrofitted with a Hooters face lift. That is to say, soon it will be transformed into the Hooters Hotel & Casino and the San Remo will be no more.

I've no problem with the new look and the new owners. I will be rather pissed off if I go into the new Hooters casino and see one ugly or poorly built cocktail waitress. I mean it! You build a Hooters casino in Vegas and every damn waitress, at any point in the day, had better be SMOKIN' HOT! I go into the place at 3:30 AM on a Tuesday in May and I'd better be sprouting wood immediately after getting my beverage!

Anyway, I've been to the San Remo before and I've always enjoyed the hospitality and the food. They always have good prime rib specials and their breakfasts are most excellent. We loved our little hotel and felt it was appropriate that we got to spend some time there. April even won some cash on a video poker machine at the San Remo, a reward for our wise choice in hotels!

Photo By: Andy Martello

One thing that is good about our location on this trip was the San Remo's proximity to the MGM Grand. Las Vegas has finally worked all of the bugs out of their new Monorail and it is a DREAM in public transportation if you plan on traversing the strip. Three bucks one way can get you from the far south end of the strip (MGM) to the far north end (Sahara) in just a little over 15 minutes. If things work out they'll have a monorail system from the airport and to the downtown parts of Las Vegas. Most excellent. Plus, you can get a great view of the Hotel San Remo if you play your cards right!

In order to avoid ridiculously long posts I'll stop here and share the juicy stuff with you later.


Blogger homercat said...

Cool, when the wife and I went to Vegas to get married we stayed at the San Remo.

2:57 PM


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