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Saturday, April 16, 2005

I'm Back, But Who Cares?

Yes, I'm back in town. I'd be more than happy to share with you some of the fun & frolic from my latest trip. However, why should I bother? I mean really, look at these pathetic stats!

Clearly, readership dropped off into the abyss when I went on vacation, which I'll admit is kind of flattering. After all, I said I'd be gone for a few days and you all actually read the post and said, "Ahh. He'll be gone for a few days. No need to check back." I appreciate that people are reading what I write. The entertainer in me loves the idea that if I'm not around then clearly there's nothing worth looking at. Very nice.

Hell, I'm back now. I've posted a couple of times, shared photos of floral creatures and a 400+ pound Elvis for fuck's sake! There should be more than me, Doyle, and Christine looking in. Just the activity alone should spark something!

I've always known that I really only have between 15-35 actual regular readers & repeat visitors. I live with that humbling fact and love my loyal readers on an individual basis. LOL! However I have always had about 300-500 page loads per day and an average of about 250-450 new & unique visitors every day. I go away for four lousy days and BOOM! Andy Land is no more! Tear down the walls. Turn the soil. Salt the Earth. Why bother sharing any of the fun if there's not going to be anyone around to read it?

Of course, it is the weekend. People DO have better things to do than read my crap. I have better things to do than write this crap. Hell, I could take a crap and that would count as something better to do. Hmmm...I think I'll indulge the crapping thing and consider my options.

More later...maybe.


Blogger Jade said...

OH shaddup with the pitty party crap, mister penguin man! ;-)

Welcome back from your trip! Course, I couldn't stop by often cuz I haven't really had interent for 8, I don't know about anybody else!

I am going to check out the posts i've missed now, so you're gonna get spammed with comments! ;-)

2:09 PM


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