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Friday, April 08, 2005

I Must Be a GREAT Writer!

My Sex Blogs article has jumped to the number one spot in the most read articles at The Cheers. Been there for quite a few weeks now and I just forgot to mention it to ya.

The reason I think I must be such a darned good writer is that I wrote that piece a LONG time ago AND I'm still the most read author there even though I haven't written a damn new thing for The Cheers in several weeks. WOO-HOO! Too bad I'm essentially done with them. LOL!

If you look hard enough you'll see that my Date Your Daughter essay in also in the top ten. Very cool. Shame I'll never amount to anything as a writer. I might have had a future at this. Oh well. I'll add that to the extremely long list of failures in my life. ;)

In other writing news you may or may not get to read a modestly updated version of The Evolution of a Michael Jackson Joke at Malicious Bitch. No idea when the publishing date is for that one. Otherwise you could read the original version at The Cheers or at e-pauly's site, which was gracious enough to put that one up a short while back.


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