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Friday, April 08, 2005

Hello Penguinis!

It would appear that Hello has decided to let me post photos again. "And there was much rejoicing (YAY)". Now that I'm back in the blogging game I thought I'd share some Penguini photos from around the world.

I'd all but forgotten the first member of the now infamous Penguini Posse, Kim from Bacon & Eh's. I'd sent her some Penguinis as a part birthday present and part pick-me-up awhile back and she was the first to post any silly photos of her new friends. I'd shared this before but NOW I'm officially inducting her into the Posse. "And there was much rejoicing (YAY)".

Let's now focus our attention to one of the most prolific members of the Penguini Posse, if not one of the most amusing, Jade. This next pic is a montage of photos she took and posted at the Jaded Sunburns blog. There was a lovely little accompanying story about all the mischief the Penguinis caused, and the joy they brought to a lovely lady who needed some cheering up.

Jade also was kind enough to send me a link to a fun little penguin game, Poke the Penguin. I'll leave all the beastiality jokes to you perverts and ask that that you poke the penguin as often as you'd like. All I know is that if I had as many penguins invading my refridgerator as Jade has, I'd be poking the hell out of every penguin I could find just to protect my beer!

Jade is also in some sort of contest to be the King of all Blogs or some such nonsense. I dunno how any of this works, but I do know that if you click this link and vote for her blog once every three hours or so she'll have something to brag about for years to come. She gets bonus points if you track back to this link, but I have even less knowledge of what the hell that means. I doubt there are any fabulous prizes involved, but click the link anyway.

If you pay close attention to the last photo in the above montage, you'll see that the Penguinis seem to have a thing for laundry baskets. I don't know if it has anything to do with the spring-fresh scented fabric softener sheets or the massive quantities of women's underwear found within the baskets. However I do know that it is not a local sensation. Becky, from April Fool also had some sort of issue with Penguinis and her laundry. I can't control these little guys once I've sent them out of the house!

Becky has recently celebrated a birthday. If you haven't sent her a nice card or left a comment on her blog you should do so now.

Speaking of birthdays, I understand that Bud Buckley has turned 26 AGAIN! Be sure to send him some belated birthday wishes. He's not in the Posse yet, but he's a good guy nonetheless. Even without any fan pics or penguin photos, Bud managed to direct me to some very funny April Fool's Day penguin news. Check it out!

A birthday celebrant that IS in the posse is the very witty Golfwidow. I've no Penguini photos to share with you but since she adopted andylander the official Andy Land mascot on my behalf, she need not send anything at all.

That being said she did send me a lovely penguin screen saver the other day. I'd been to the Little Penguin wines site a few times and I've enjoyed many of the fun games, and all of their wines. Thanks, Golfwidow! It is always fun to find other people out there that enjoy penguins as much as I do!

Doyle was kind enough to make mention of me and my blog in a rather bizarre little...uh...western tale, found at his Corporate Crap blog. No penguinis news to report here. Just a thanks for the plug.


Anonymous D Brooks said...

Hey... at least it was original, lol

and you're Welcome :)


4:37 PM


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