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Friday, March 25, 2005

A Word About Fan Pics

Fan pics are not just for stroking the ego, though that's one of the main reasons I want them. In my time as a blogger I've decided that I hate those stupid MEME games or whatever the hell they're called. However I do like gaining readers and therefore I will upon occasion play along.

Instead of those stupid games I choose to be a blog whore, as Bitchitude has so eloquently stated many a time. A good blog whore does his part to build readership by actively seeking out link exchanges with other websites. One great way to do this is with fan signs.

If you like a certain blog and read it often then why not take a simple fan photo and post it on your blog?

If you're uncomfortable with being plastered on the internet you can leave your face out of the equation altogether.

A fan photo with an accompanying link usually gets a few more clicks to the other person's site, inspires the subject of the fan pic to blog about your site, which in-turn will bring readers your way and so on.
Cherry Pie sent me my first fan pics so I reciprocated. She's my first, I'm her first, it all worked out nicely.

Imagine the joy you'd bring to GMILF-in-training, Bitchitude if she saw an unusual number of hits coming from your site all thanks to a little photo like this one...

picture the surprised look on Doyle's wizened face if he received this photo in his e-mail one fine Hawaiian morning...

You're not only having some harmless internet fun, but you're doing your part to help promote the blogs and websites of some of your favorite writers. All this with one snap of your camera!

See? Big time fun! Now I am not saying that every damn guy on your link list should get a fan pic. We already waste too much time on this blogging nonsense. But when you see one of these you tend to follow the links and generate traffic for the blog.

I, of course, am just doing this to soothe my insecure entertainer psyche. I'm so stereotypically in dire need for your attention and approval I've actually offered bribes in return for fan pics. You could blatantly LIE about liking my work all to get the free stuff and I wouldn't care. How pathetic am I?

Oh, I'm also in it for the chance to get photos of naked ladies professing their love for me. Makes my ego, and other things, swell.


Blogger Jade said...

Um. Ya. No boob shots from Jade.
I like ya, but, that won't fly! ;-)

4:49 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

No worries, Jade. That's not a "real" fan pic. There's a website out there where you type in a name and that photo pops up with "I love..." in it. Just another internet time waster that the folks at Fu-Qtoo's blog sent along to me one day.

At least I took the time to censor the photo with my own baby picture. NICE!

5:02 PM

Anonymous Bitchitude a.k.a. GlassHoppah said...

Your signs rawk! I'm so honored (and penguinated!). I guess I'm gonna have to break down and get some pics out to ya (yeah, the boring old un-GMILF kind--oh yeah, thanks for the handle, Becky!) lol

So I've now rewritten my comment 4 times (not 3, but 4) and I'm leaving it at this before any further commentary... I think you should have to show us some tit, too!

So if I'm reading this right and for all exhaustive purposes, your adoring fans may virtually mutually mnasturbate any sign that says Andy Martello rawks--and the booty goes up from there (as the cleavage bares, right?)

And for us shy retiring types (lol) we can just do the sign and get some(thing), right? So these girls don't have share it ALL,. yeah? Besides, you'll know there's boobs behind the signs, anyway it goes, right? Right!

So correct me if I misunderstood your post, there seems to still be boob-confusion ;) This isn't the post where I'm allowed to gloat over my penguins, right? I did have 3 (count 'em) 3, all at once... I'll leave the rest of that for your sign!

If my comment is confusing, straighten it out, would ya--I'm currently trying to locate a stray penguini! ;)

6:01 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Cleavage and booty is always appreciated, but it not necessary. I repeat, not necessary.

As you well know, I'm a bit of a pushover and I usually send some combination of the goodies in the prize box regardless of what level of fandom you've proclaimed.

I mean really, some chick I know in Hawaii actually got collector's cards, penguins, photos - all without ever posting a single photo. ;)

But really, cleavage and booty...always a big plus in Andy Land!

And am I correct in thinking you want to see MY tits? My God, Christine, can Doyle be THAT bad? Besides, don't I reveal enough of myself in my writing and my blog?


6:44 PM

Anonymous Bitchitude a.k.a. GlassHoppah said...

That chick in Hawaii is one spoilt Biatch (probably in too many ways ;)

Nonono, it's called tit for tat? tit for tit? equal rights and all that shat ;) Double standards only work for us (oops did I say that out loud?) Hey, I'm just negotiating for the public and confirming ;)

BTW, you cannot single us warm climate peeps from your shows--who knows one day we may have business there while you are performing! Do not alienate the warm-weathered friends ;)

7:46 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Hank Hill: "It's called the double standard son. Don't knock it. We kinda got the long end of the stick on this one."

Hey, if you can make ti to any of my shows you're welcome to attend.

Otherwise, start talking up all your corporate big-wigs and resort friends in Hawaii and get me a high-paying gig out there!

8:01 PM

Blogger golfwidow said...

I adopted a penguin on your behalf. I think that ought to count for something.

5:40 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Well I'll need to see some credentials on that one, young lady.

I've been to your site. Methinks you just may have a thing for penguins your own bad self already.


8:18 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

OK, seeing is believing! You made my day Golfwidow!

E-mail me your snailer and your prizes will arrive shortly! :)


8:34 AM

Blogger D Brooks said...

I'm looking forward to the plethora and variety of gratuitous penguinosity spewed forth from this shameless display of blog ho'ing :)

How's THAT for Crap? ROFL


2:17 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Very nice work, Doyle. Very nice indeed!


2:29 PM

Blogger Becky said...

Thanks, Bitch, for giving me credit for the G-Milf name (Andy, now we're not plagarizing, are we?).

Sorry dude, no tatas for the web, esp. for married dudes.

2:21 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Nah. I give credit wherever credit is due. I only steal other people's work when there's LOTS of money involved. ;)

Good LORD, Becky, what are you packing under that shirt? Gold? A leprechaun? The lost chord?

You are being more protective of your tatas than every woman I've ever met. I mean I have said that the whole tatas/hottie thing is not a necessity at all.

One sure-fire way to get people unusually interested in something is to tell them they can't have them. Now I really wanna know what the what is up there.

You've mentioned them so much now that I think YOU have an unsual fascination with tatas. Is there SOMETHING you want to tell us? I hear that sort of thing is pretty common in Hawaii.

LMAO! Oh man, I love having a lazy Sunday to spout out more bloggy nonsense!

I love ya Becky. Now send me a fan pic, tatas or not, you'll get some prizes!

9:24 AM

Anonymous Ma said...

How do I get one of those cute little penguini's that was eating the Hula Pie?
They are so, so cute. :) My grand-daughter would love 'em. So would I. Can we buy them somewhere?

5:47 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Well, Ma. I do actually sell the Flying Penguini Juggling Kits at shows for $10.00. Kit includes three Penguinis and juggling instructions.

Or...there's a way that blog folks can get them for free.

When you're sending me your snail mail address for the press kits I can also send you some Penguinis (and some other choice Andy Martello memorabilia. ;)

6:13 PM

Anonymous Ma said...

Okay, you got it. As soon as I can make a sign with some penguini's, I'll run it by you. Thanks, Andy.

12:24 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

BWAHAHAHA! The Andy Land madness continues!

I look forward to whatever fan pic you can come up with. I'm not picky...just needy. LOL!

8:46 AM

Blogger Milf Cruise said...


8:14 PM


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