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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Penguins Are So Sensitive to My Needs

It is no secret that I enjoy penguins. I have many photos, both from the net and from my own trips to zoos. I've found penguin cartoons & games online and with very little exception I enjoy all things penguin.

I don't like crappy penguin drawings or cutesy stupid penguin crap. One problem with announcing to anyone that you like a certain animal or theme is that everybody ends up getting you something AWFUL for birthdays, holidays, etc. JUST because it has that theme on it. Rarely does anyone look for unique, funny, or clever use of the subject matter. They see a penguin and assume I will want it. "Oh look, a penguin wearing a scarf and hat! Andy's will LOVE this!" Many times they are wrong.

Doyle Brooks, managed to eliminate the problem altogether by taking something penguinlicious and making it even more pengtastic! I won't spoil it for you here. I insist you check out his altered version of a popular web penguin animation. It is probably the best penguin gift I've ever received. LOL!

By the way, I do have a birthday coming up (*cough-cough* MAY 30 *cough*) . If you wish to pick out some fine penguin things for me one great place is located right HERE! I especially like the juggling penguin stuff. I just wish they made note cards with that one!


Anonymous Bitchitude a.k.a. GlassHoppah said...

Wasn't that the cutest thing? He worked his fingers to the bone, too. Me sayeth yesterday, "DB don't you have something better to do than spend x number of hours modifying penguins?"

Ok, so it was worth the giggle, even with a chunk of my life missing because of it ;)

Hey I know what you mean about not revealing to people what critters you like--you end up with some weird shit, and it keeps on piling up years later! i have a friend who now has a houseful of chicken(shit) because she liked "a" chicken once. It's going on 10+ years now of "her collection."

You've got to be more specific with the BD list, btw--you don't all of bloggerdom sending you cheesy penguin shit ;)

8:13 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

All I ever really want for my birthday are some good cigars, some sex, some Pyrat XO Reserve Rum or some Tanguerey X martinis, and more of all of the above.

But for the sake of the arguement, let me be very specific about this year's birthday.

I would like a paying booking in all of the cities where my vast blogging audience reaches.


And BTWm there is NOTHING more important than modifying penguins! LOL!

8:23 PM

Blogger D Brooks said...

Believe it or not Andy, you were the first person I thought about when I ran across the picture, LOL

Just couldn't resist putting your outfit on it :)


12:18 AM

Blogger Jade said...

Wow! First, thanks for the linky love (I hate that phrase but haven't come up with a better one on my own yet!)
You rawk and I won't forget it! 'Sides, it helps I love yer blog! I found ya through Bitchitude and DB. Great peeps.

lmao at the penguin video! That waws great!
I have to say, I am extremely jealous of bitchitudes happy penguins you sent her! ;-)

I've marked the 30th in my brain, and I'll tell ya, if I can rub together enough nickles, I'll getcha somethin' from yer list!

Where would I send it to???

9:53 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

No problem with the link, Jade. I even blogged about you as well as added your site to my Required Reading links. I'm a big ol' blog-whore.

Don't like "Linky Love"? Try my little phrase, "mutual virtual masturbation". Da Bitch seems to like that one.

Want some penguins of your owm? There are ways. ;)

I'd rather have moe gigs than more stuff (or more marketing materials to get more gigs!). But if you really want to send me stuff I can send you my snailer. I'm easy going. LOL! drop me a line at

10:45 AM

Blogger Jade said...

Sir Andy ;
I guess I've a new mission. A) Figure out how to make mahself look like a hottie and B) Find a penquin whom wants to pose with me!
I shall have to act fast, for I want my own trading card! (penguins too!)

I would love to hire you for a gig! Wanna come to Az?
All I gotta do is figure out how to pay you! ;-)

1:55 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Well now, I guess I need to reword my Free Stuff requests.

You needn't be a hottie to be a fan and therefore you needn't be a hottie to get the cards, CD, or penguins. It just makes me all that more giddy (being a typically dumb male) to have a hot lady sending me photos of herself. LOL!

You also don't need to be a penguin to get any of the above gifts. It would be memorable if you were!

All I'm looking for are fan sign photos. I'm just that insecure about my fanbase. LOL!

In short...

1) Fan sign pic sent to me = collector's card

2) Fan sign pic sent to me and posted on your blog (with accompanying link) = Louie Louie CD

3) Fan sign pic on your blog that features you, penguins (real, fake, cartoons, etc.), or you AND penguins = Flying Penguinis!

But as Bitchitude will tell you I am something of a pushover. I usually send extra goodies in the packages as it is. You could also send me your snailer and I just might be able to send you a little something just for being nice! :)

2:20 PM


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