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Saturday, March 12, 2005

A Little Something for My Male Readers

Hommina, hommina, hommina! I don't know if this lady existed before the dawn of the internet or if her modeling fame came about as a result of the internet. Regardless, I have made no secret of the fact that Veronica Zemanova is HIGH on my list of women that stop me dead in my tracks.

Until she does something to remove herself from the list, she will always be on the very short list of women that make me say, "I'd suck a fart out of her ass."

Clothing or no clothing. In color or in black & white. There is absolutely no way that this woman doesn't make me shudder with absolute delight whenever someone is kind enough to post a photo of her online.

Speaking of black & white photos of a naked Veronica being posted online, I thought I'd direct you to a lovely gallery of beautiful photos brought to you by the mighty Attu. I can always count on him for some great content, odd stories, and photos of ladies like Veronica Zemanova. So head on out there guys! Be sure to save some room on your, uh...hard drive for these pictures.

Naturally, I assume every woman reading this that is NOT Veronica is considering me to be a simple and very typical male. There are probably some rather rude comments being made about Veronica and me all without my knowing and that's just fine with me. If any of you would like to compete for my attention or even battle Veronica in a mud-wrestling match with me as the celebrity judge, you don't need my permission. Until then, I drool and drag my Jergen's Hand Cream-covered knuckles all the way to the bathroom thinking of a very curvaceous and naked Veronica Zemanova.

But I am NOT your typical male, contrary to popular belief. It is for this reason that I have decided to show you that I am not all about beautiful naked women and sex. Therefore I also add to this post a little something for my female readers.



Blogger golfwidow said...

Well, that was sexist of you. How do you know you don't have any gay female readers who like that model as much as you do? Don't assume that everyone who is attracted to a woman is a man - or a caveman, for that matter.

That said, she's very pretty, but I don't play that way. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

And THAT said, praise the Lord and break me off a piece of William Petersen. I heart the Freaky Bug Man.

7:19 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

In Andy Land there is NEVER any overwhelming need to be politically correct and therefore no need to make simple sentences even longer by making sure to cater to every possible demographic.

Specifically, that wouldn't be a sexist comment. It would be more of a homo-denial comment. The sexist part was linking the Steak & BJ Day site to the part just for the ladies.


8:01 AM

Blogger Jessica Hart said...

She's gorgeous. (looks like she has implants though. I'm not a fan of implants.)
And, why do guys feel the need to jerk off in the bathroom? Why not right there in front of your computer screen? ;-)

9:46 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

After extensive research over the last several months I can say with reasonable confidence that she is implant free.

If she does have them she spent the super extra speciall money on the "no visible scarring, plenty of bouncing, don't look like cinder blocks or footballs, and do naturally fall into the abyss when lying on the back" implants. For that kind of effort I have no problem with implants.

I'll save my own special views on breast size and implants for another post.

As for the bathroom, I was just going for the joke. Most guys will jerk off at the dinner table if nobody is around. Those that do use the bathroom go for easy clean-up in a room where privacy is expected.

Kinf of interesting that the only responses thus far have come from ladies. The guys must all be in the bathroom (or at the dinner table).

12:56 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

As for jerking off in front of the computer happens, but only if you have one of those nice covers for the keyboard. That shit is tough to clean out of the keys ya know. ;)

I'm sure you have no trouble inspiring guys to do that in front of the screen, Jessica. I mean...we all read your blog.

Hmmm...maybe I need a webcam? Nah!

1:38 PM


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