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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Good to Be a Pack Rat with a Blog

April & I are not much into the Easter thing. However we do like free food so we're heading on over to her grandparent's house for a big tummy full of ham.

Even as a kid I didn't like Easter very much. Sure, I liked the candy but in general the pastel colors, the odd juxtaposition of an egg-bearing bunny & Jesus, and the underlying religious aspects of the day turned me off. Ah well.

What you're looking at here is an ad that ran in the local paper Easter week in Marengo, IL some time between 1985-1988. I've saved this in pristine condition all these years.

Notice I have edited out the business name. Why?

Read on!

This made me BUST OUT IN HYSTERICS as a teenager when I read it because of the business that placed the ad. I honestly thought this was a joke. I was dancing around the house showing everyone this ad and reveling in the fact that someone in my small, sheltered, country town had such a clever & wicked sense of humor. I thought there was hope for these rubes and felt as though I was not the only one who was "too hip for the room".

That week I stopped by the local business to thank them for placing such a funny advertisement. I was sure if I let them know that someone out there in Ma & Pa Kettle Land got the joke we'd have some sort of bonding moment. A kindred spirit would be revealed. They would show me the other half of an amulet that I'd been wearing around my neck for years and we'd embrace. Eventually they'd offer me a job and I would prosper.

Come On, People!  This is a Joke, Right?What I found when I expressed my euphoria was anger and disdain from the business owners. They were appalled that I would find any humor in an ad commemorating the resurrection of our savior and they asked me to leave. Apparently they did not see any humor in the ad and had no intention of making anyone chortle at the clever wit buried within.

I took another look at the ad. Had I missed something? Sure this advertisement makes complete sense and it is not out of place in a newspaper during Easter week. It is appropriate, especially when you look at the artwork alone. However when you factor in the business, the name, the type of services they offer, and then look back at the image of Jesus emerging so triumphantly and of perfect posture you HAVE to see why I would assume this was all a big joke.


Blogger Bud said...

Holy Shit, Andy! I mean HOLY shit. Blessed art though in the highest or something. That must have been quite a moment. Too bad there was no Andycam. I'm a little slow with the fan mail but I'll get to it. maybe something in front of Clown College? Where the hell is that located, anyway?

11:20 AM

Blogger Jessica Hart said...

Very cute entry, Andy. Hope your family dinner is delicious!

I also enjoyed the Dukes of Hazard Banjo Duel. He-he.

1:00 PM

Blogger D Brooks said...

Penguini Posse Alert!

1:50 PM

Blogger golfwidow said...

In general, I'd have to say that any deity worth His salt would probably be fairly offended by a business using his likeness in its advertisements without his blessing - er, I mean, his endorsement.

2:55 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

The Clown College was at the Ringling Bros. Winter Quarters. That big ol' airplane hangar in Venice, FL. I don't remember the address but it should be pretty easy to find.

Dinner was deeeeeelish! Don't care for Easter. Do care for Easter dinner!

Penguini Posse! Nice!

I think the deity would take offence to the less excepted spelling , "Alleluia" just to save money on typesetting.

I just love thinking that Jesus couldn't stand because of a bad back and the fine doctor at Marengo Chiropractic helped Him rise!

9:12 PM

Blogger Becky said...

Hahaha! That ad is too funny. I have to give that woman props for coming up with something so clever for her Easter ad.

At first, I was just cracking up that they misspelled Hallelujah, but the chiropractor was the best.

1:47 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Uh...what woman?

Clever? No, they were not clever at all. It is clever to hip people like us. It was sad and ironic to people like them. They were just placing a devotional ad that was unintentionally funny and they got mad at me for thinking otherwise.

SMALL town. Scary people. LOL!

11:36 AM

Blogger D Brooks said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:48 PM

Anonymous D Brooks said...

WTF Martello!!

Friggin drunk Penguini's running rampant all over the Internet and molesting beautiful women in Hawai`i... and the only clever reparte` you can come up with is "Nice?" Pull your head out'yer blog and join in the fun dammnit, rofl

1:51 PM

Blogger Becky said...

First, I thought Marengo was the woman chiropractor's name. Now I see it's the town's name. hehe.

Well, I still thought it was funny ,even if they thought it was a serious ad.

3:25 PM

Blogger Jade said...

Ok, ya'll got me laughin' so hard I'm gonna pee!!!!!!!!

I can't get the images of
"Friggin drunk Penguini's running rampant all over the Internet and molesting beautiful women in Hawai`i...."

It's a T.V. show in the making, I tell ya!

8:01 PM

Blogger Jade said...

See, laughing too hard...
I meant that I can't get the image out of my head!


8:02 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

I believe I said, "Nice!" That seemed to sum it all up...uh...nicely!

I'm sure I'll have more witty repartee later. I'm all out of the witty right now. Tomorrow I'll be blogging and leaving comments like a mad man...a mad mad with lots of wit!

11:11 PM

Anonymous D Brooks said...

Hey... at least we got Jade to dribble her drawers... that's gotta be worth something, lol

I figured you were buried in bs... send me an email if I can help sound off to.


2:24 AM

Anonymous Kim said...

Thank goodness for you or there would be a lot of funny shit that would just pass me by! LOL

2:45 AM

Blogger 3rd Times a Charm said...

You had me laughing until tears were rollin'! I saw the humor in the ad, and this made me chuckle. But what was halarious was the picture of you entering the business to share a conspiratorial moment, only to be rebuffed and thrown out! I'm sorry. (That's somthing that would happen to me) A camcording of this would have been great!

Thanks for the laugh! :-)

10:11 AM

Anonymous luca said...

Ciao "Martello", ma e carino il tuo blog ;)


7:25 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Ciao Luca. Ringraziarla per visitare e per commentare. Avere un grande giorno!

I like free language translation services!

7:55 AM

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Blogger Kim said...

Who is that dude?

9:17 AM


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