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Friday, March 25, 2005

FREE STUFF Revisited

It dawns on me that I may have been a bit misleading in my plea for fan pics. It seems that many true fans were under the impression that in order to get the Flying Penguini Juggling Kits you had to be...

A) A young HOTTIE in naughty poses
B) A penguin in naughty poses
C) A young HOTTIE posing with a penguin in a naughty pose.

Nothing could be further from the truth! While I appreciate it if a young lady wants to send me naughty photos of herself holding a fan sign, it is not a necessity. Furthermore you don't actually have to own a penguin ranch or work at a zoo in order to get the big prize. No, no, no no!

I just threw in the penguin option in case you were not a HOTTIE willing to send me some titillating photos. A photo of ANY Andy Land fan that prominently features a penguin also gets the Penguinis. Being a HOTTIE is optional. I was just going for the joke about being a big dumb male and wanting naughty photos of ladies. Really I was pandering to the Uberbitch to see if she'd send me some pics. Since I know she's too busy posting the naughty pics of herself on her own blog I don't need to press the issue anymore. Besides, she's not a fan. :(

Sorry if I was misunderstood.

Don't get me wrong, I will still be happy to get some naughty photos from the ladies should any of you want to send them. I will never stop being a big dumb male no matter how hard I try (which I don't!).

The penguins in your fan pic can be toy penguins, cartoons, drawings, photos - any sort of penguin-related thing. If it is in the photo with you holding a fan sign you get the Penguinis. Simple and fun.

So let's review!

Send me a fan pic of yourself = Andy Martello Collector's Card

Send me a fan pic and post it, along with a link on your own blog = Louie Louie CD

Fan pic that features a penguin = Flying Penguini Juggling Kit

Scantily clad HOTTIE fan pic = All of the Above (I am a big dumb male!)

Scantily clad HOTTIE fan pic with penguin = PRICELESS!

WHEW! I hope I've cleared the air on this one. More importantly I hope to get those fan pics a coming in! I have so little to keep me happy y'know. Jade? Becky?? Anyone??? ;)


Blogger Jade said...

I guess I would be the dumb blonde that you are reiterating the rules for! ;-)
No worries. I just want to come up with something 'unique' for such a great guy!

4:45 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Actually I had to go over this for Becky on either her blog or Bitchitude's awhile back.

I had a few other's e-mail me wondering about the whole HOTTIE thing. Since there have not been many fan pics coming in I guess a few folks were either pissed off at the pig/dog/bastard or too self conscious about sending me their photo and my thinking they weren't hot enough. LMAO!

Either way, it is all made much clearer.

Unique is good. I'm intrigued. Jessica has some rather unique photos on her blog. Hmmm...


4:57 PM

Blogger Becky said...

Dude, you didn't post for a while and then you do like 10 in two days. I will try to think of something fan-wise, but no boobies from Becky. After all, if you show your gems off to everyone, then they really just become commodities, don't they?

My last BF was really into penguins. I have to admit he was the first man I've known to have such a fanaticism -- until I met you.

2:29 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

What can I say, Becky? Sometimes the muse has something to say. Sometimes not. At least there's plenty of content for you to sift through.

I believe I have said many times that tatas are not necessary. I may have even said it specifically for you at some point. ;)

Penguins are just cool. No way around that. I recommend attaching yourself ONLY to people who enjoy the company of penguins.

9:17 AM


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