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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Calling All Canadians!

I'll say this up front. I'm a big geeky dork-boy. I admit it and there is no need for you to point this out to me.

The NEW Doctor Who series had its debut this week in the U.K. and will air on the CBC in Canada on April 5, 2005. (See: SciFiDaily)Lord knows when or if we'll ever get the series here in the States.

I was hoping to find some Canadian friend out there willing to videotape the program for me. I'd pay for the tape & postage of course, and I'm sure I would send some sort of fun FREE STUFF as a thank you. I doubt I have any Canadian friends that are into Doctor Who. That's why I'm offering to pay for your time and materials and bribe you. LOL!

Hell, there may be someone out there with much higher-tech knowledge than me who can TIVO the thing, burn it onto a CD or something equally cool. Regardless, I'm not going to ask for a week-by-week dose of the show. I'm just very curious to see the first episode. If you HAVE that kind of time on your hands...

Anyone? Kim? Pauly?? Naomi??? Vegasbaby???? Lovedonnaz?????

Did I mention that I think Alex Trebec, Alan Thicke, Monty Hall, Geddy Lee, & William Shatner should all be on Mount Rushmore?


Anonymous Kim said...

Dr. Who? Jeezuz I can't stand Dr. Who! What are ya trying to do; get me arrested for mailing you copyright material? Doesn't the Patriot Act tie that to terrorism somehow? LOL

We are down to one VCR; I'll have to see if it's still working.

5:38 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

The Patriot Act actually PROHIBITS ill talk about Doctor Who. However, making me a videotape is perfectly acceptable behavior. ;)

If you can, great. If you can't, no problem. I appreciate you humoring my madness!

9:13 AM

Blogger homercat said...

I will be taping them, I got your back on this one. When I got a tape full we'll talk about mailing details. How's that?

2:54 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Cha-CHING! We have a winner!

Yessir, I will happily discuss shipping options with you. GOD, I thought I was done being a sci-fi geek!

Many thanks!

7:15 PM


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