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Monday, March 14, 2005

Blog Friend of Mine Needs Some Cheering Up

The lovely Mrs. Fu-Qtoo, also known as Cherry Pie, was in an auto accident on March 11th. Nothing broken or mangled other than a car and some pride, thankfully.

Personal injuries not withstanding, she is thus far the ONLY person to have sent me a fan pic and the ONLY person thus far that I have sent a fan pic to in return. If for no other reason, she deserves to get many MANY well wishes from other bloggers. And HOW many times have I used the term, "thus far" thus far?

So, please head on over to her blog and send some encouraging words and kind remarks. Be sure to tell her I sent you and she'll be sure to hate me for years to come. ;)

Get back on yer feet, Cherry Pie!


Blogger Mrs. Fu-qtoo said...

Thanks Andy for your sweet words. Your so kind! ;-)

11:02 AM


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