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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Woman is Only a Woman...

Poetry isn't it? Those are the immortal and eerily accurate words of Mr. Rudyard Kipling.

Given the uncharacteristically GAY tone of my last post about Rick Springfield I thought it would be necessary to overcompensate with a macho cigar post.

Of course, some would argue that the phallic nature of cigars would make this another GAY post. But I'll soon change all that.

Yes a woman IS only a woman and a good cigar is a smoke. However, a good looking woman with a cigar is SMOKIN'!

While I don't smoke as many cigars as I used to I do still love them and enjoy them when I can. While looking through some of my old files on the hard drive I remembered I had amassed quite a good collection of beautiful women with cigars.

I'll spare you some of the naked photos and some of the more "Clintonesque" photos I have, but in order to being my blood back to boiling for the ladies again I have posted a few nice photos.

There are some great old cigar ads featuring lovely young ladies out there. Maybe if I make another post touting the virtues of some other 80's pop heartthrob I'll post my Cohiba ad. For now this above photo will serve the purpose nicely.

Of course, my all-time favorite photo with a lady and a stogie is this one you see here. Why is this picture so special to me? Well for one, this is one very HOT brunette. I like the brunettes!

Next, this one is a modern-day version of the classic tease photo. You don't see anything and yet you see EVERYTHING. Great shot!

But most important to me is the fact that this lady is wearing my tuxedo jacket! OK, it is not my exact jacket, though I'd give the last 10 years of my life to have a great story about how she got the damned thing. I have this exact style jacket and wear it often for my shows.

Don't believe me? Check it out!

Now don't bother leaving a comment about how much better SHE looks in the jacket than I do. Believe me, I KNOW!

I loved that jacket the first time I saw it and use it less and less for fear of wearing it out completely. I should have bought a dozen of them! Had I the cash, I surely would have! Hell I'd have bought them in every color, they are so damned cool!

When I was smoking more cigars I used to get together every once in awhile with some friends and "herf" a bunch of smokes. If more of my cigar cohorts were around here I'd surely be hanging out with them more often.

This may sound silly but I believe that a good cigar is probably the one luxury that every good man truly deserves to enjoy. Most other things are just icing. The cigar is the cake!

I enjoyed a fine stogie all this evening along with a tasty cocktail. I sometimes smoke while I'm writing and it seems to make the creative process move along nicely. Cigars are just wonderful creations. They are among the only products left in the world that are still made predominantly by hand.

I tend to get along better with people who smoke cigars as opposed to people who don't. And I REALLY like a lady that enjoys a good cigar!


Blogger Bud said...

Andy, thanks for that illuminating discourse on cigars. You've stripped the subject bare for me. For now on when a guy is clogging my vocal chords with a stoagie while I'm performing, I'll conjure up that image of the chick in (and out of) your tux. I may even come while I'm coughing.I'm enjoying your Blog and thank Marjo for pointing me this way. I Blogrolled you this morning and gave you a plug. Have a look.

4:08 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

I've told many a musician that if you don't like the smell of smoke or the feel of it on your throat, you should really consider another profession. Unless you're in an orchestra you're kinda stuck with it.

But now that I've associated cigars with something positive perhaps I can change the world! ;)

Thanks for the plug. I'll add you to my links later today and check out your site more thoroughly. Feel free to go to my main site as well.

Great having you in here. Thanks for commenting!

7:18 AM

Blogger homercat said...

I too enjoy a good cigar now and then and my goodness Cubans are legal up here in the great white north. Eat your heart out.

9:57 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Ah, but you folks pay nearly twice as much for those Cuban cigars as folks in most other "legal" countries. I can get them (real ones) for some very good prices and reliable "secret sources". ;)

There are only a few Cuban brands that are still as great as their history. Thanks to the all the problams with the government in Cuba and how they have takne control over the manufacture and distribution, Cuban cigars are largely more mystique than magic any more. The ones that are great are GREAT! The ones that used to be great are good if you don't smoke a lot of cigars.

What I really like are the compnaies outside of Cuba that have been producing better and better product since the embargo and in some cases, long before. They've really had the time and the demand from the large markets to truly develop their product into a whole different animal. It is great to see such fine products coming out of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, etc.

Ahhh, now I want another smoke! :)

1:15 PM

Blogger D Brooks said...

Wait a sec... can you repeat that? I think you lost me after the second and third pictures. What was your point again?


3:27 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Doyle? DOYLE! Come back to us, Doyle!

I knew I'd run into this problem.


7:20 AM


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