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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Two Things That SUCK About Using the Internet at a Library

First, the service varies dramatically in towns only a few miles apart. I'm actually at the Duluth Library right now. Duluth is a MUCH bigger town than Superior, WI and the library is bigger. Duluth still has high-speed but they've got these bizarre browser controls and other strange features from their ISP that make it almost impossible for me to check or send any e-mail. I can't open up multiple windows without doing a litle keyboard trickery and I can't right-click for any reason, even if it is to close the GOD DAMNED pop up windows that keep creeping up. I guess their fancy ISP and virus crap has no option to block the pop ups. OH yeah...I can't hit the return button and start a new paragraph at ALL! All the computers are like this so it isn't a faulty keyboard. I may just make this nice run-on paragraph go on forever. OR I'll play with the html in the post.

The other thing I hate? I can't look at the blog. Too many paople watching. There are some kick ass babes on there right now, I just KNOW IT!


Blogger Handy Randy said...

The most disappointing thing about the library computers is that they are fucking heavy. Trying to steal one of those things is like trying to take a fat girl out on a date without letting somebody see you. One time I actually got all the way to my car with it and I realized that I had left my copy of "Horton Hears a Who" sitting on the table so I had to go back in and I got caught. Those old library bitches are stronger than they look...

8:34 PM

Blogger Richard said...

I knew something was up. I haven't seen any comments from ya. (Cring) We miss you! Hope all gets better for ya. Sure would like to promote the rooster ya!


9:01 PM


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