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Saturday, February 26, 2005

In Other News...Fu-Qtoo is Having a SALE!!!

Buy a DAMN Shirt!  What?  You're Too GOOD to Wear One of My Shirts?  I'll Cut You.  I WILL!

While checking out the many lovely naked , long-legged, and HOT women at the Blog (They DO actually have things to READ there once in awhile too y'know!) I noticed that in honor of the Year of the Rooster they went ahead and made my Rooster with Tourette's shirt their featured shirt of the week. GO TO THEIR SITE and buy one for only $10.00! Damn, that's cheaper than I sell them at shows!

To make things better, all other designs are $4.00 OFF their regular prices! That means you can ALSO get the latest shirt from the Andy Martello Collection at a great price! What? You don't remember what the latest design looks like? I wonder if I'll be getting a free sample of this one too. Hmmm...

Bud Buckley, This Shirt is for YOU!

That should be enough of an incentive to get some of you to break out your pocketbooks and buy some funny t-shirts. Honestly, I make a measly commission off any sales and the only real way for me to make $$$ on them is to buy them and sell them at my shows. So this is not really about me, but about the fine folks at the t-shirt shop! Help them out AND support my antics at the same time. It will bring some good karma to us all I'm sure!


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