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Saturday, February 12, 2005

I Told You Jesus has a Thing for Me!

Photo: Andy Martello

Check out this photo from last night's gig. Pretty cool, huh?

I worked the very first Family Night at the First United Methodist Church of Lombard. It was an event with ice cream, a rock band, and a big-time celebrity show performed by yours truly!

This was free to attend and they had quite a good turnout, making the evening a success all around. I hear they sold candles to pay for the ice cream and my show, which is very cool! I hope they have many more Family Nights like this one and ask me back again.

As a side note, the most surreal part of the evening came after my show, when the band took the stage. It was a 3-piece rock band of teens playing devotional rock & pop song, the perfect show for a church night. That was not the surreal part.

The band played only about 3-5 songs and all of them featured the exact same 1-4-5 chord progression found in the song, "Louie Louie". Knowing what you do about my odd fascination with that song you can imagine how strange it was for me to think the next song was "Louie Louie" (NOT a traditional Christian rock tune) and then hear "Lord, Lift Your Name on High". Every time the band asked for people to sing along if they knew the words I expected someone to yell out, "NOBODY knows the words to Louie Louie!" It was just funny to me and it made the evening much more entertaining on a personal level.

The joke about rock bands is that you only have to know three chords to play. Specifically, you need only know the chords to "Louie Louie". Make notes young musicians, there is no genre that will shun you if you know the classic 1-4-5!

In all, the evening was great fun for me, and I hope to work for this fine group again soon!

OOH! Maybe I can get my new blog friend, Bud Buckley to record a version of Louie Louie for me! I see new blogging fun with this idea!


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