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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Here's the NEW Andy-Mobile!

If it is alright with da Bitch at Bitchitude, I'll post a few pictures of my new car. Sure it is not as exciting as news from my Duluth trip, but since the Duluth trip reminds me of my damned IRS audit, which in-turn makes me feel like killing myself, I'll share photos of the car. The Duluth pics will have to wait. The new car makes me happy!

And how could this car NOT make me happy? Just look at this charming little devil! This thing has personality and personality goes a long way according to Samuel L. Jackson.

I know it is small, but believe me this thing has room for several big people inside and it has great pick-up, excellent gas mileage, and best of all - payments I can afford (I think, LOL!).
I don't even mind that the antennae makes it look like a radio-controlled car.
I LOVE this mighty beast!

Having a day off in common with my lovely wife yesterday we went for a little road trip in my cute little car to Racine, WI to see their cute little zoo. We like to take little day trips whenever possible since we don't get to take many vacations and getting to drive there, get out in the sun, and get much better at driving stick again was very relaxing for me.

Today...laundry, cleaning my old car, and getting ready for the audit. Where did I leave those sleeping pills?


Blogger D Brooks said...

Long as it makes you and wife happy, that's all that matters big guy :)

Glad you made it back ok,


12:10 AM

Blogger BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah said...

Ahhhh c'mon, now I have guilt!

It's cuuuute, Andy! Glad you got some time off to just go have some fun!

On behalf of your readership, we can empathize and will be more than happy to quit bitching (Oh wait that's just me!) while you recover from the trauma!

Welcome back, and again - cute ride!!!

DB, we need to go gets us a new ride, cuz Annnnnddddy got one! ;)

12:17 AM

Blogger Gale said...

Very cute car! I likes it, I likes it alot! :-)

11:58 AM

Blogger Joe Schulenberg said...

Congratulations on the wheels, hope the IRS enjoys them!

Just kidding. I'm sure this audit won't be so bad as you are getting practice at the full body cavity search that appears to be an audit.

Well thanks to you, you. I wish you'd stop nagging me. I'm blogging.

Hello D Brooks. Hello Bitchitude. Hello Vegas Baby. And whoever else frequents Andyland and his associated blog.

I have joined you people in blog land at You are welcome to humiliate me there. (or here for that matter)

Ok. I think this is supposed to be a comment space and not where I publish my manifesto.

But that being said, how did the Vegas boys fair? Who, besides Andy Martello (of fame) are these friggin vegas guys?

And, sorry that I wasn't there on valentine's day. But I had more important things to do like bomb miserably, dresden-style at Crush doing my "joe is a scary stalker on valentine's day" routine. You can't make women like you, no matter how many scary stalker jokes you tell on Valentine's day.

Well, there you have it.

Enjoy the wheels!

9:00 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

We've got to get a better security system around here.

Hey Joe! Welcome to the blogging world. Hope you find it as soothing and pointlessly amusing as I do.

I'll talk about the Vegas Bros. tomorrow sometime. But I will say that we have upcoming shows at Crabigale's in Joliet March 3 & 4 and one at Durty Nellie's in Palatine on March 9th.

More later. I have to go obsess about my hate mail!

12:17 AM

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