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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Greetings from Duluth!

OK, I'm actually posting from a library in Superior, Wisconsin, but it is kind of Duluth Lite in a few ways.

Made it up here safe and sound. Unfortunately I had to get a rental car as my own car just wouldn't make the trip. Looks like the money I'll be making on this gig will be a small down payment on some new wheels! WEEEE, thousands of dollars in debt!

All settled into my favorite crappy hotel, the Androy. One day I'll tell you more about this little place. For now I'll just say it has a GREAT restaurant and should I want to watch drag queens sing karaoke, there's a fine gay bar right next door.

At some point I will undoubtedly check out one of my all-time favorite strip joints, Club Saratoga, right in the heart of Downtown Duluth. You really have to see this place, the bar alone is worth looking at. There are even three naked ladies nightly. More on that later too I'm sure.

The headliner at the Duluth Sport, Boat, & Travel Show this time around? T.G. Shepard. I'm not a country fan so this will not be as much fun for me as it was when I worked with Gary "U.S." Bonds, but anything can happen in Duluth!

I'll get to visit with most of my family on Friday as well so that's going to be fun.

More later. I'm going to see how many of my blogs I can read before my hour at the library is up!


Blogger Kim said...

Gay bar karaoke? Now that sounds fun! Take some pictures will ya?

7:47 PM

Blogger Bud said...

Andy, forgive my stupidity or whatever. I can't e-mail you from my Haloscan. It just doesn't work. I don't speak geek fluently enough to figure this shit out, apparently. Please send me your e-mail address at I have a humor bit about fishing I want to run past you. You can use it if it's usable. I don't do standup. Just got back from Circus Sarasota. All international acts except for the nearly naked aerialist. Very impressive. I really have to see your act somehow.My Contact link works now too. Hope this gig works out well for you in the birthplace of Bob Dylan.

7:52 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Hey Kim, I am in fact taking picures of the hotel, the area, etc. I doubt I'll be going into the gay karaoke bar (The Main) but I will get some photos of it nonetheless. I kind of have to. Right across the street is a bar and grill called "Third Base". I know it is supposed to be your last stop before home, but I can't help but laugh at the juxtaposition of the two places.

Bud, my e-mail is I'll drop you a line today. Would love to hear your fishing bit. Not familiar with Circus Sarasota, but did stay in Venice, Florida when I was at Ringling Bros. Clown College.

9:32 AM


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