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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

First Day of Shows Today

I have to get a few things checked in and set up over at the convention hall, but otherwise the first two or three (I forget) shows will happen some time late in the afternoon.

I always like coming here. They treat me very well and the show schedule is not all that grueling at all. I'm only doing 15-minute performances and some meet & greet/autograph signing (should anyone be silly enough to want one!)

The people are all very friendly and Duluth has a lot of fun things to do within this little big town.
Last time I was out here I went to the Zoo and I'll likely check it out again. They also have a very nice aquarium right next door, as well as many fine shops, nightclubs, and casinos.

The food is good most everywhere I go, but my favorite place to eat is Papa Don's restaurant located in my craptacular hotel.

I'll give you some juicy updates either later tonight or tomorrow, assuming there's anything to talk about.


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