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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Fabulous Vegas Bros. Swing Again!

There must be SOMEBODY local that reads my blog and would like to go have some fun and good times! If this is the case, get your ass out to
Crabigale's in Joliet on Thursday March 3 & Friday March 4, 2005
to witness the majesty that is
The Fabulous Vegas Bros. Revue!
In a rather odd set of bookings, we're headlining on Thursday and Opening the show on Friday. Go figure.

Martinis, Comedy, & You, Baby!

Can't make those shows? Well then you little pussy, why not go to
Durty Nellies in Palatine on Wednesday March 9?
We'll be there on da big stage, swinging our favorite bits at ya!


Blogger Jessica Hart said...

Today was a very difficult and stressful day in my world. However, when I got home I took the time to watch your performances. You're hellava good onstage! If you put that much energy into sex, I envy your girlfriend. Very entertaining act. Shame you aren't performing in Philly. I could use some cheering up.
Just wanted you to know that you have a phan in Philly.

4:43 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

WOO-HOO! A new fan, I mean phan! You are probably the only "phan" I have. I have a few "fans" but as you would figure, you're unique!

Sorry you were stuck in a stress-filled day. I can relate. Hope all gets better for you.

I assume you went to my main site and watched some terribly old footage of me. I should send you some more recent work. I'm much funnier and more talented in present day. LOL!

I haven't performed in Philly for MANY years now. Last time was a special event for the Philadelphia Enquirererererer. Been through PA a few times though. Did a festival in Waynesburg a few years back. I'm sure there are more. You need cheering up? I'm happy to serve...if you can pass my name along to any comedy clubs, festivals, or corporate types that would be helpful!

Don't envy my girlfriend. It will only make my wife jealous! But feel free to covet anything you want. ;)

5:08 PM


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