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Friday, February 11, 2005

Coming Soon!

I Give You A Preview of the

2005 Andy Martello Collector's Trading Card!

God, I'm Cool!


Oh Yeah!  You Want One!!


Of course these will be included in my packs of FREE STUFF, should anyone get up the urge to send me a fan pic. I still have a few of the 2004, 2003, & 2002 cards left. Check out my website to get a look at them.

E-mail me if you want one. You can also check out the entire line of Superstar Performer's Collector's Cards by visiting their website.


Blogger Kim said...

Very nice indeed! I was lucky enough to receive your 2004 card but sadly, no autograph was included silly!

9:42 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Well gee, I didn't know you would want my autograph! They're much more valuable if I don't sign them I'm sure. ;)

When the 2005 version is here you just might get a second care package, WITH autographed cards!

10:29 PM


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