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Sunday, February 27, 2005

At Long Last, Some Photos from My Duluth Trip

LOOK!  There a Gay Bar Next to that Hotel! I'm sure I'll post many other photos from the recent trip, but my favorite Bitch has been bugging me for some pics from Duluth. I felt it necessary to do this now. Sure, it is mostly because the Academy Awards are extremely vapid and awful this time around. But what the hell, right?

What you are looking at is the magnificent Androy Hotel, a residential hotel in Superior, WI. It isn't pretty. It isn't fancy. It isn't expensive. It IS where I ALWAYS stay when I'm in that area, especially if I am paying for my own room!

One day I'll tell you about all the amazing going's on that have happened in that building. For now, let me say that the staff is friendly, the restaurant inside is AWESOME, and the rates are very affordable. There may be many places to stay that are "better", but there are none that are "nicer".

TheYou may recall that I was working the Duluth, Boat, Sports, & Travel Show, held at the DECC.

The DECC is a very large convention center right on the lake in the heart of downtown Duluth. I get asked back often because so many of the staffers there like my act! So many worker bees end up coming to the cafe where my shows were and apparently the folks they've had in the past are not nearly as funny and charming as yours truly. Isn't that sweet?

COOL! Here we have the old high school.

I forget what it is now, but it is one of the most outstanding buildings you'll ever see in person. It is so massive I couldn't even begin to get it all into the frame.

I found this on one of my little jaunts around downtown Duluth and I just had to take a snapshot.

Apparently, because of it's unusual slanted appearance it is inhabited entirely by old Batman TV villains.

MMMmmm...Strippers! I will certainly go on and on about the Club Saratoga in another post. That place is just to the left of magical.

It is an OLD SCHOOL strip club and is among my favorite places on Earth.

My affection for the place actually has more to do with the look and feel of the building itself than the naked ladies inside (but those are nice too!). More later on this classic club.

There are many things I like about my trips to Duluth/Superior. Many of the places have some older features and amenities that give the whole experience a feeling of nostalgia to them. Everything seems somehow more historic when I'm there.

What I like most is knowing that Duluth was really a craphole for a while there. Like so many larger cities it nearly fell victim to neglect. Duluth is a fine example of just how a big city can rebound and become a special place. Duluth has a lot of great things to offer a family, a tourist, and a guy from Chicago trying to make a decent living as an entertainer.


Blogger D Brooks said...

Looks like it was pretty cold temp wise, but sounds like a nice warm city :)

Glad you found a frendly place to practice your trade Andy.

It is also nice to have you back where you can continue your special brand of lunacy here, lol


1:47 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

I've been up there for work three times now. Twice in February and once in April. The thing I found most unusual was that the last day of this recent trip was the only day it snowed. I expect nothing but snow in Duluth and I've lucked out every time.

8:27 AM

Blogger BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah said...

OHHHH, Ya gotta love it when demands (or in this case whines) are met soooooo easily!

Love the high school--it's kinda 'Freddy-esque' (ok Nightmare on Elm-Streetish for you young'uns ;) But what a great old building!

Very cool, Andy (and brrrr, too!) I so don't miss the snow, but it's lovely from afar!

Very interesting, overall! Thanks for sharing, Andy! Glad things work out well for you in Duluth! Hopefully next time, without the taint of los federales haunting it!

1:24 PM


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