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Friday, January 07, 2005

Two New Articles are In the Can and I Got HATE MAIL Today!

No I didn't get hate mail from a disgruntled reader of the Malicious Bitch. In fact I didn't technically get mail at all. I received a comment on one of my past articles from The Cheers, "September Writing Prompts". I'll repost the comment here.

this p.o.s/ fudgelick 2005-01-07 19:16:38

I accidently found this article and am worse for it. You are a moron.

How cool is that? I'm getting comments about being a moron from a guy that calls himself FUDGELICK! He doesn't even know he misspelled "accidentally". I bet Berkeley Breathed doesn't even have that kind of fanbase! I HAD to respond.

You Can't Please Everybody!/ Andy 2005-01-07 20:57:49

Another satisfied customer!

Mr. Fudgelick teaches Creative Writing at the local community college and has earned almost $43.00 as a creator of writing prompts for Writer's Digest. It is an honor to have him here.

As always, thanks for reading!

Notice how I didn't mention his typo? Who's the bigger man here?

I don't know what I find funnier; the fact that this guy found this article so long after initial publication or the whole Fudgelick thing. Great stuff!

That article is getting some particularly nice attention of late. There's a CHANCE that a reworked version of the column will be printed at Jenna Glatzer's prestigious I had to alter the column somewhat because she's a contributing editor at Writer's Digest and MIGHT want to keep her job there. I got the request to rework it yesterday and I sent in the revision today. I've got my fingers crossed! That's one GOOD website for writers! Great resource. I'm not just pandering here! I really like the site and check it out often! You should too.

In other news, a NEW piece introducing me to the Malicious Bitch readers is up already! I was hoping it would run next week, but I may just leave it up for a week before submitting my next piece for them. I'm still "reading the fucking manual" and learning how to navigate within their system. ;)

Click here to read "Oh CRAP! The Circus Came to Town!"

And speaking of the Malicious Bitch, allow me to counter Fudgelick comment by reposting a very cool comment from a reader there.

From the Bitch Session Forums:

I read this article on Andy's site and laughed so hard I actually had to print it. I've shown it to a number of my "lady" friends, who have also wiped a tear or two after wetting their pants. I haven't had a response from the other "men" I sent it to, although I'm sure they're thinking long and hard - NOT. (ya gotta wonder what they did with that email.

TAKE THAT, Fudgelick!

Look for an article describing an odd hobby of mine in next week's issue of The Cheers as well as...well, SOMETHING new from me at Eklektikos. I haven't quite gotten that far yet. I just know I want to have 3 new things in 3 different magazines next week. It will make me feel special!

Also, send positive MOJO my way using your POWERFUL brains. There's a gig in the works that would make me very happy to have come through. Not one that would make me a zillionaire or anything. But it is one that could be cool! More when it does or doesn't happen.

I have been a marketing FREAK this past few weeks. I must have sent out over 600 postcards and many packages with press kits and the like. I need a big-time agent/manager that can do all this for me. All I want to do is perform and write.


Blogger D Brooks said...

Fudgelick? What the hell kinda name is that?

Can you even say that in mixed company?

Just keep trying with the marketing my friend, you'll get there :) We get enough publicity goin on all the websites you maybe can get on Rush's show, huh huh?

10:05 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Yeah, I've been pushing like hell the last couple of years and enjoying the results. Slacked off a bit second part of last year. Spent too much time writing. ;)

Fusgelick is so impersonal. I prefer Fuckwad. More OOmph to it. Can I post as Fuckwad at your blog, Doyle? LOL!

10:53 PM

Blogger D Brooks said...

If you can get them to give you the ID, hell yes!! lol
Damn, I'll even create a special Fuckwad ID on Bitch for you!! Now THAT will get you some hate mail!

Besides, I think I've harassed Google enough now anyway so I decided to post a C'ya to them and remove the code from my page.

Actually they did me a favor anyway by tickin me off... before that I was trying to figure out what to post hahaha I'll just file that away for future referance in case I get writers block... corporate america is always good for endless material!

12:47 AM

Blogger Fu-Qtoo said...

I think that fudgelick would be more appropriately called fucktard. Anyone that doesn't appreciate Andy's writings is just an idiot.

11:39 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Actually I thought "Fudgepack" was a better name. ;)

11:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:16 AM


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