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Thursday, January 13, 2005

That's what Canadian friends Are for, eh?

Vote for ME, eh!

There was a sudden increase in traffic to the old blog today. When I headed over to Statcounter to figure out where the tourists were coming from I found that they were coming from Canada!

Well, they're coming from all over the globe, but Kim at Bacon & Eh's is responsible for sending them my way! Click the photo above for the link to her most excellent post about me and Jesus! Thanks, Kim!

In other news, April bought me a snail for our fish tank and I've never been more pleased and amused!

We have a goldfish in a tank and a Dwarf African Clawed Frog in another living in our bathroom. Bathroom pets are actually very cool. Nice to have non-intrusive company when doing your business.

The fish tank gets a lot of algae and she suggested getting a snail to clean house. I came home yesterday and waiting for me was a most excellent Black Mystery Snail. He took to the tank immediately and has been entertaining me with his snaily-goodness ever since. Nobody has ever bought me a snail before!

I big deal. But I got just as excited about my $5.00 check yesterday. Aren't blogs supposed to have some sort of minutiae in them?

HEY! I can buy TWO SNAILS with that check! Hmmm...


Blogger Terry aka Funky said...

Kim is a great promoter of a good cause or blog in this case :-)

9:59 AM

Blogger Andy Land said...

Yep! Kim is the best! She makes Canada proud! Eh?

10:53 AM


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