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Thursday, January 06, 2005


A Collector's ItemOK, I never went to college. However many of my family members did. At least 4 family members went to Miami University of Oxford, Ohio. I've been there many times and even dated a girl from there, if not a few. Boo-Yah!

Anyway, not too long ago the university decided to eliminate their Redskins name and logo. No serious complaints or protests over the old mascot ever came across the desk of the university President. They did this as a preemptive move before anyone ever complained about the political incorrectness of it all.

While I certainly understand the furor and the controversy, knowing what I have learned over the years about Miami and how stridently it worked with the Miami tribe to preserve and protect the traditions, ideals, and beliefs of the people, I tend to side with the students who are angry to have lost the mascot of their alma mater. At least in this particular case I do, "racist" logo not withstanding.

I found this patch in one of my boxes of miscellaneous stuff. My sister gave both my younger brother (future Miami grad.) and myself (future Ringling grad.) one of these when she first attended Miami. We thought they were very cool and since we lived in a town where the high school was the HOME of the Indians we just looked at it as a rather appropriate thing to have.

You know, our grade school, Riley Elementary, was the HOME of the Vikings and we never heard any Nordic types complaining. But then again we never really pushed the raping and pillaging aspect of our mascot there. I digress.

I put mine on the wall in just about every room I had up through my teens. I'm surprised I still have the thing today. I'm sending it to Matt who lost his years ago and is really into Miami and likes to have things from their "tainted" past. I'm told this patch is something of a collector's item and may even be worth a few bucks on eBay. Hmmm...

GO Miami Penguins!Anyway, they changed their name and mascot. I believe it is some sort of bird now. They're new bird logo is no where near as menacing as the old one. While I am definitely in favor of the new look, I can see why so many students are upset.


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