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Monday, January 17, 2005

Jesus Likes My Balls! This Week At The Cheers!

As promised, a full-length version of my recent Jesus Post can be found at The Cheers.

I know, I know...I'm evil and blasphemous. Got it. Andy BAD, Jesus GOOD. I get it already.

Now go and read the full story and see that I am actually very kind to the artist and I am really making more fun of my own ugly self in this piece than anything else.

It is a funny article and I am hopeful that Siim will be submitting it to every news referral site. There's NO WAY they can ignore a column with a title like THAT! Shocking!

Special thanks to BLOGYWOOD for helping spread the word about this piece!

One of my Favorite Canadian Blogs!

In other news, Kim from Bacon & Eh's, the gal who inspired the Jesus post in the first place, has just won TWO AWARDS for her great blog! Please head on over and congratulate her for her fine work. Secretly I believe she won because of her mild association with ME, but I could be biased.


Blogger Kim said...

We have to stop meeting like this! All this back patting and complimenting back and forth, people are going to talk! ROFL Thank you Andy for the kind words; your a gem and damn funny too! ;)

7:35 PM

Blogger Andy Land said...

You're right. It won't happen again. I'll tell people your blog sucks and you can tell poeple I'm not funny (everyone else does). ;)

8:04 PM

Blogger Kim said...

Well one thing is for sure; at least will always have each other as fans LOL

6:48 AM


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