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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Anybody Know How to Make Webring?

I got me this stupid idea that there should be a webring for people named Andy that also have blogs.

Why not? There are webrings for just about everyone else. There are webrings for fans of movies, actors, TV shows, knitters, bird watchers - there are webrings for all sorts of different interests and sites. Why not a webring for bloggers named Andy?

I think it should be something simple like the "Bloggers Named Andy Webring". Has a nice (web) RING to it, doesn't it? We could allow Andys, Andrews, Andies, Andees (if there are any) - heck, I COULD be convinced to let in a few Drews if I had to. But first thing's first, I have no idea how to create a webring.

Anyone out there have the simple HTML know-how out there? Anyone want to create the Andy webring for me in exchange for some FREE STUFF? Just drop me a line and let me know.

I want to add even more crapola to the internet and this seems like the best way to go about it. I suppose I could create a webring for the folks who use the same blog template as me, but that would be just silly!


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