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Monday, January 31, 2005

Andy Writes About V.D.! OH, the HORROR!

As expected I have written a couple of articles that address the coming event known as Valentine's Day. Well, technically I only wrote ONE article about V.D. but the other piece seemed strangely appropriate for the upcoming horror-day.

That piece, Love Under the Big Top, is featured at my newest FAVORITE internet home, Malicious Bitch. This week they are running a special V.D. issue and my submission is just one of several excellent works to amuse, confuse, and amaze your little hearts.

My story, as you may be able to divine from the title, is another odd tale from my life working for various circuses and variety shows. I had a few rather special relationships during my days working the road and this one is among my more memorable, if not one that I am more than willing to share.

People have always seemed to like my anecdotes about the strange animal encounters I had with the circus, and this story is one for the record books! I really shouldn't spoil the surprise for you here. Let me just say that it is one unusual tale of unrequited love. Please head on over and check it out. When you're done, please feel free to comment about the article here or at the very active MBC Bitch Sessions Forums.

Next we have a commentary about V.D. called The Folly of Valentine's Day. You can find this little gem at The Cheers. People had better start reading this magazine in greater numbers soon or I'm going to have to stop writing for them. I started this little misadventure in the hopes to build an audience and gain some credibility as a writer. This March I will have been their most regular of contributors for one full year and I may have to move on to greener pastures. So please,! I know that Fark and Dave's Daily don't really care much for us, so we have to rely on REAL people to make us a success. I choose YOU to be those real people!

As always, thanks for reading and playing here at the old blog. I never know if this is "worth it" or not, but I always have fun providing useless content for your reading pleasure.


Blogger D Brooks said...

It was actually a pretty damned good story for... VALENTINES DAY... V.D. you sick puppy, lol

Don't worry, the little kids at Fark don't care much for us either since there are actually women with REAL opinions at MBC.

Hava a Happy VD Andy :)


11:28 AM

Anonymous Aunty Mapuana said...



It's ME, AUNTY...

Email at MBc...are you still breathing, dude?


3:17 PM


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