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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Good Stuff to Read at &

The last few days of the "Best of The Cheers" are this week. It was nice to see seven of my articles selected for reprinting. I like that they have the comments and ratings features in the magazine. I get a better idea as to how many people are reading and hopefully enjoying my work. It is funny to see how even within the confines of a "best of" issue, articles like "Parting Gifts" and "Good Show" stay among the least read of the works, even though they're ones I'm particularly proud of. Ah well. Next week, look for a BRAND NEW look for The Cheers as well as another little entry from your's truly called, "Fun with Ego-Surfing".

Readers are also heading to Eklektikos in large numbers. While the mag is new and not as flashy as others out there, it does have some excellent articles to read. They've got my new "Welcome to Andy's World" piece up there this week, as well as a continuation of my "Pass the Soap, Wilbur" story.

I'll have another new piece up next week. I'm not even sure what it will be yet. I'll probably leave my special little story about where I was the day the infamous O.J. Simpson verdict came down. Who knows?



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