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Monday, September 13, 2004

"Fun With Ego-Surfing", This Week at The Cheers

Well, the new look of The Cheers Magazine is up and running. New features, new games, new cartoons, same pay rate!

I'm still quite frustrated that they do not have a "sort by author" feature or at the very least, by-lines for the featured articles on the sidebar, but I can't complain. It is a very cool new looking site that should only get better and better. If enough people read and
send complaints to the editor maybe these things will change.

Head on over to read and comment on "Fun With Ego-Surfing" . I'm sure all the articles this week are quite good, except one written by a back-stabbing comic that's just coming to The Cheers to piss in my pool. So don't read that one.



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