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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ironic? Coincidence? Symbolic? Just AWESOME? You Decide!

Sure I'll get around to an obligatory "Year in review Post", but for now I simply must post a scan I found in a recent issue of Las Vegas Weekly, the coolest magazine in town (and one that I'd LOVE to write for one day. Anyone? Wanna resume or something?)

They had a poll asking Nevadans to chime in on the question of allowing male prostitutes to work in our brothels.

Generally, questions like this make me just that much happier that I live in such a cool state. The fact we even have legal brothels and therefore, a better understanding of the realities and the necessities of life, make Nevada a great place to live. Keep your morality and your puritanical ways to yourself. We do some things right in this state and those who disagree will NEVER understand that fact. I was going to say that those people, "just don't get it", but that rather SINGLE-entendre would have been far too obvious, both in a literal and comical sense.

However, I'm that happy to hear that even more people will be able to make a living selling the world's most coveted and revered commodity. I've no plans on getting my whore's license nor trying out the trade in other ways. No I'm happy to find such a delightfully funny graphic depicting the results of the Weekly's poll.

The readers of the Las Vegas Weekly overwhelmingly responded "YES" when asked if male prostitutes should be allowed, as this chart indicates...

Clearly, Nevadans are rather pro-erection.
Was there ever a doubt?

(This looks more like a "pole" than a "poll.")

I haven't laughed this "hard" at an image in a newspaper since I was a kid in Marengo around Easter time. In case you forgot what could have made me laugh so much back then and don't want to click the previous link...

Ahh, the sweet irony that is life.

Feel free to start a letter-writing campaign to get the Weekly to take me on as a columnist, or to at least as for some writing samples. I won't mind.

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